December 23, 2008

Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit fires up fans at S'pore Indoor Stadium

By Charlene Chua / The New Paper Credit: AF Forum

IT was a tale of two responses at Friday night's Fahrenheit concert.

On the floor, scores of screaming teenagers were on their feet the whole night, bouncing up and down like Energizer bunnies.

But in the upper stands of the Singapore Indoor Stadium, some of the audience remained seated and strangely docile for a teenybopper concert.

Not that the foursome - Taiwan's biggest boy band after F4 and 5566 - can be blamed for not trying hard enough.

After all, it was the group's first concert in Singapore.

'I got scratched on the arms due to your passion!' Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen 28, told the crowd.

Added fellow member Wu Chun, 29, who continuously waved at the crowd: 'Stand up! Let's get high together!'

That rousing call worked for the largely female crowd as they screamed their lungs out.

The shrieks hit fever pitch when Aaron Yan, 22, hugged a 16-year-old contest winner on stage.

It helped that an extended runway stage allowed screaming fans to surge towards their idols.

Said Elizabeth Peng, an 18-year-old student: 'I'm going to grab them and kiss them if I can!'

In contrast, in the upper stands where I was seated, some of the audience seemed content to remain in their seats.

Although they laughed at Jiro Wang's onstage banter, they only demurely bobbed their heads to the beat of the music.

Even my 50-year-old mother, who accompanied me to the concert, was surprised, asking: 'Should we stand up? Isn't it funny to sit down all the way?'

Surely, most concert goers know it's the norm to stand up and dance during the fast numbers and sit down during the ballads?

I remember everyone standing on their seats when the New Kids on the Block performed in Singapore back in the early '90s.

People joined hands with strangers next to them and swayed to slow songs while standing on their seats the entire night.

Thankfully, the seated audience didn't dampen the energy of the show.

Right from the start, it was clear that Fahrenheit was determined to impress.

Apart from the slick dance moves, each member showed off individual talents on stage.

Wu Chun did a stylish drumming solo and showed off his martial arts prowess in a sword fighting routine.

Calvin busted out with his beat-boxing skills, a hip-hop dance solo and deejay 'scratching' routine.

Jiro Wang delivered a complicated guitar piece and Aaron Yan played the keyboards.

Gushed Ashley Goh, another 18-year-old student: 'I love Aaron because when he sings, I just melt. His voice is amazing!'

Hayden Tien, a 20-year-old student said she didn't mind spending $500 on bright neon signage to carry 'because then Wu Chun can see me in the dark'.

'That's all I want!' she said gleefully.

I love Aaron because when he sings, I just melt." ME TOO! HAHAA! I should really go to one of their concerts in the future!

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