December 27, 2008

Pi Li MIT Ratings Break 1.0

According to the Pi Li MIT thread at the AF Forum, the ratings for episode 8 broke 1.0! WOOOHOOO! The rating for episode 8 was 1.01. I'm glad the ratings aren't affected by the leaked episodes and I hope they won't be. Apparently, the DVD version of Pi Li MIT already came out and GTV also leaked out a couple of episodes "accidently". It just doesn't make sense at all. On a side note, I just watched episode 8 and it was awesome! It's so fun to watch 007 (Arron) get jealous when he sees TMX (Gui Gui) being extremely nice to 747 (Xiao Gui)! AH~ there was one part where TMX and 747 started whispering to each other and giggling. 007 saw them and then he got mad and shouted "SO ARE YOU TWO TOGETHER NOW?!" HAHAHA~ ahhh~ so cute! It's obvious he has a thing for TMX although he keeps deny it. I love all those little things he does for her when the two of them are alone. Like in episode 5 or 6, he piggybacks her and eats the egg that she made for him. Another time, he gave her his drink. And in episode 8 when she broke down in fear, he heard her scream and ran to hug her. AH~they just so cute together!!!! GUILUN!

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