December 04, 2008

Fahrenheit Transformed into a Rock Feel, New Album will include a [Coupon Blessing Pouch]

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The pre-sale for Fahrenheit’s new album [Loving More and More] will start on December 10. Earlier they were in a photo session for the cover of the album. They changed from the sunshine boy image in the past to challenging a new image of a rocker-like feel in hopes of presenting a more mature Fahrenheit to their fans. The record company was also very creative in launching a [Fahrenheit Coupons Blessing Pouch] that could only be purchased through specific coupons redemption.

The new album [Loving More and More], other than dance songs which were Fahrenheit’s
*specialty, the song arrangements even purposely added in some elements of rock’n’roll. The production period happened to coincide with their concert tour, therefore in order to coordinate with Fahrenheit’s tour schedule, the producers flew to Shanghai and Beijing to continue with the recording. To this, Fahrenheit also joked that this album should be titled [Flying Here and There] because the recording for each song was at a different location.

Recently, Fahrenheit who showed off their talents during the concerts also stepped up their efforts to strength their musical creativity abilities. Jiro Wang practicing on guitar, Arron Yan on the piano, Calvin Chan in B-Box and pop king Wu Chun even purchased a set of drums for his home so that after work, he could rush home to practice. This made the staff workers to joke that the set of drums was like the secret lover of Wu Chun.

In order to coordinate with the [Band Sound] theme of the new album, Fahrenheit changed to a rocker punk style and posed for promotional shots garbed in a heavy metal style to present a rocker feel. Fahrenheit also boldly indicated that [With the four of us, we hope to win this difficult battle of numerous male singers releasing new albums at the end of the year.]

In keeping with the recently extremely popular topic of consumer coupons, Fahrenheit’s record company also came up with this creative slogan [Consuming Good Album, Reviving Good Mood] and launched a limited number of [Fahrenheit Coupons Blessing Pouch]. This Blessing Pouch, which could only be purchased through coupon redemption, contained not only the album but also other associated merchandise. Two types of bags will be launched, one for NTW $500 and one for NTW $700.

However, how will Fahrenheit use their own coupons of NTW $3600? Calvin Chan said: [I will give it to my mother for purchasing household goods such as toothpaste and toilet papers.] Jiro Wang also planned the same: [I will also be giving it to my mother as household allowance.] Arron Yan “wisely” indicated: [I would first spend $400 to buy our newest album and donate the rest.]

AHHHHHHHH~ third album is almost out! Preorder starts on the 10th! That's just a day before my birthday! Awesome! I'm definitely going to get this one! I don't really like that picture up there though. They all look so depressed...

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