December 19, 2008

Fahrenheit Rely on Intellect to Earn Red Pocket Money

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Fahrenheit Rely on Intellect to Earn Red Pocket Money

Jiro Wang, Arron Yan, Wu Chun and Calvin Chen of Fahrenheit challenged TTV’s [Are You Smarter than A Primary School Student?]. The four members were split into two teams. Both teams reached the $100,000 question before losing. This caused Xiao-Yan Jie to praise them: [Pop idol group also have intelligence.]

The first promotion appearance for the new album was given to Xiao-Yan Jie’s [Are You Smarter than A Primary School Student?] First up were the team of Jiro Wang and Arron Yan who were both so nervous that they were trembling. Although they kept saying that they were scared, they were successful in answering a fair number of questions. When they chose the question in “Grammar”, [What is the dictionary radical for the Chinese character Yellow?], Wu Chun who was observing offstage even constantly asked those around him: [What is a dictionary radical?] That almost caused everyone to faint from laughing. Because Wu Chun was Bruneian and had no experience with the primary school topics in Taiwan, Jiro Wang and Arron were very confident on stage to bet that: [The losing team will go swimming in cold current.]

The two smoothly entered the $100,000 challenge level and encountered the question: [Who, among Chinese literary figures, had the nickname of the Dragon of Chinese Classical Poems?] Jiro Wang said [Po Chu-i], Arron Yan said [Tu Fu]. Unfortunately both their answers were incorrect. Instead it was a teacher sitting among the audience that gave the correct answer as [Xin Qiji]. Nevertheless, the two’s performance impressed Xiao-Yan Jie who said: [Alright, there is no need for the two of you to apologize to your teacher]. However, Xiao-Yan Jie still subtly shot this remark to Arron Yan who was facing the crisis of being requested to withdraw from college: [Arron Yan, as long as you attend classes as scheduled, you should be OK.] This caused Arron to give an embarrassed laugh and said: [I had the feeling of being caught.]

The good performances by Jiro Wang and Arron Yan seemed to have infected the other two members of Fahrenheit Wu Chun and Calvin Chen. Calvin Chen in particular, answered many questions by himself, even questions like [At what degree is the inner angle within an octagon?] could not stump him. Even the question in Current Affairs [What is the value of the consumer coupon?], he was able to answer correctly. In comparison, Wu Chun who had never studied primary school in Taiwan seemed to be at a disadvantage. Wu Chun laughed: [Everyone only taught me bad things but did not teach me these types of common knowledge.] Unexpectedly, Xiao-Yan Jie turned around and asked him: [Are you referring to Ella?] which led Wu Chun to quickly change his reply: [Everything she taught me are good.] In the end, the two teams from Fahrenheit each took home NTW $30,000 in prizes.

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