December 31, 2008

Butterfly Lover

I usually don't watch movies but since this is Wu Chun's silver screen debut, I gave it a shot. Let's just say the movie is average. The first half of the movie was okay, it was a bit humorous. The second part of the movie just made me go, "huh?". Like when did the two main character suddenly fall deeply in love? It was way too sudden. And then the worst part was towards the end when Wu Chun was fighting Hu Ge. They were fighting in slow motion. Hu Ge chopped Wu Chun's sword and his blade landed on Wu Chun's shoulder and then Wu Chun puts his blade on Hu Ge's throat. Then all of a sudden Hu Ge goes, "Kill me. It's all my fault that she's(Charlene) dead." And he even offers Wu Chun to see his best doctors. I'm sitting there, watching this movie, wondering WTH just happened. That just did not make any sense to me. 20 minutes ago, that guy was trying to kill off Wu Chun and now during this fight he suddenly stops. This movie is extremly random.

The ending was a bit creepy too. Charlene was buried alive. Wu Chun who suffered blows everywhere including a stab through his stomach manages to carry the "dead" Charlene back to the Butterfly Valley. He should be dead before reaching that place. Yet he manages to dig a large hole at the Butterfly Valley and throws himself and Charlene in it. Then Wu Chun's brothers come along and see that their big brother is dead and are sooo sad. They start to throw soil into the hole and then Charlene wakes up. She wasn't really dead, she just ate a "fake death" pill.(Romeo and Juliet style) Somehow, the people throwing the soil did not notice that she moved from her initial position and continue to bury them. Creeepppy.

If you're looking for a movie with a good storyline, skip this. If you're a fan of Charlene, Wu Chun, or Hu Ge, watch it!

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