December 01, 2008

Arron Blog Post: Trust

From Arron's Blog: 相信吧

相信是一件很困難的事情 尤其當一個人被欺騙過無數次之後

感覺身邊很多人很難發自內心去相信一個人 因為太多期待 也太多傷害

受傷指數在台灣特別高 很心疼大家 因為這樣相處真的很痛苦

猜忌懷疑 彼此之間距離越來越遠 一直遠到聽不到對方心裡的聲音 徹底關閉自己的心防

的確 受過謊言的折磨後 要讓有裂痕的心復原是很難的 可是一開始就居心叵測的懷疑設防又是怎樣的一回事情?

我真的希望 彼此之間給予多點空間 多點相信的空間 心胸寬大的讓謙虛的風能暢行無阻

以相信為前提讓事情能簡單單純 這樣不是很好嗎

現在網路資訊發達 也讓國與國 地方與地方之間的距離縮小了

但是為什麼感覺人與人之間 心的距離 日與俱增

你們想過嗎 要不要一起實行 相信大會? 我來帶頭 營造快樂一點的社會感


Translated by aiwa@FahrenheitGloba1:Trust

Trust is a very difficult matter especially after a person has been betrayed many times

Feel that many people around me find it really hard to trust someone from the bottom of their heart, because there's too much hope and too much harm

The hurtful rate in Taiwan is especially high, really worried about everyone because it's really painful to cooperate this way

Suspicion creates a greater distance between one another, so far that one's voice from the heart cannot be heard, completely shutting out your own heart

Indeed, after being tortured by lies it's really hard to heal the wound on the heart, but what's with having suspicion of bad intentions right from the beginning?

I really hope that people can give each other a greater space, a greater space for trust, an open heart will be able to let modesty pass through smoothly

Taking trust as a premise to make things simple and pure, wouldn't that be very nice?

Now the internet communication is very high tech, and also narrows the distance between countries and places

But why do I feel that the heart's distance between people is not getting smaller

Have you all ever thought, to start off a trust congress? I will take the lead to create a happier society

because I sincerely hope everyone can be happy^^


  1. I love it! Trust! The thing that binds all relationships.