December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Goodbye 2008! Welcome 2009! I wish Fahrenheit's Third Album will sell well and I hope they stay healthy and don't overwork themselves! I wish for better TVB dramas for 2009! I hope everyone will continue to support Pi Li MIT and GuiLun! I wish Gui Gui and her group, Hey Girl have a great 2009! I wish Kiwi, Arrow, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Chair, continue to work hard towards their goal and hopefully there will be a day in 2009 where we will all go parfait together! May good fortune and good health reach everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog! Yes you! Happy New Year to You! Have a great 2009! See ya next year! Meanwhile you can enjoy New Year Eve Concerts from Taiwan!

New Year Eve With S.H.E

New Year Eve With Danson Tang

New Year Eve With Hey Girl

New Year Eve With Joe and Ariel

New Year Eve With Show Luo


Butterfly Lover

I usually don't watch movies but since this is Wu Chun's silver screen debut, I gave it a shot. Let's just say the movie is average. The first half of the movie was okay, it was a bit humorous. The second part of the movie just made me go, "huh?". Like when did the two main character suddenly fall deeply in love? It was way too sudden. And then the worst part was towards the end when Wu Chun was fighting Hu Ge. They were fighting in slow motion. Hu Ge chopped Wu Chun's sword and his blade landed on Wu Chun's shoulder and then Wu Chun puts his blade on Hu Ge's throat. Then all of a sudden Hu Ge goes, "Kill me. It's all my fault that she's(Charlene) dead." And he even offers Wu Chun to see his best doctors. I'm sitting there, watching this movie, wondering WTH just happened. That just did not make any sense to me. 20 minutes ago, that guy was trying to kill off Wu Chun and now during this fight he suddenly stops. This movie is extremly random.

The ending was a bit creepy too. Charlene was buried alive. Wu Chun who suffered blows everywhere including a stab through his stomach manages to carry the "dead" Charlene back to the Butterfly Valley. He should be dead before reaching that place. Yet he manages to dig a large hole at the Butterfly Valley and throws himself and Charlene in it. Then Wu Chun's brothers come along and see that their big brother is dead and are sooo sad. They start to throw soil into the hole and then Charlene wakes up. She wasn't really dead, she just ate a "fake death" pill.(Romeo and Juliet style) Somehow, the people throwing the soil did not notice that she moved from her initial position and continue to bury them. Creeepppy.

If you're looking for a movie with a good storyline, skip this. If you're a fan of Charlene, Wu Chun, or Hu Ge, watch it!

December 28, 2008

寂莫暴走(Ji Mo Bao Zou)

Video Credit: limei612

OMG! Arron hugging the girl! Arron kissing the girl! Arron ride motorcycle with the girl! That is one lucky girl! Hahahaha! Anyway, this is the second song on FRH's third album. Sounds good, eh? Hahahaha! I can't wait till I get my hands on a copy of their album. It's coming in just a few days. So far, I know three songs that are in the album. The first is Yue Lai Yue Ai, the second is this one, and the third one is Heng Xing. Yepp! AH~ Happy New Year!

Edit: I can't believe I left out Dong Mai. That song is chili pepper hot. It's the themesong of Pi Li MIT!

越來越愛 lyrics

From: getalyric

ru guo qing chun zhi sheng yi zhang jue ban hai bao
ba ni tie zai er jiao

shou cang ni de bei ying bian cheng wu jia zhi bao
gou wo dao chu xuan yao

zou lu dou zai piao chi bu bao shui bu hao
nao dai dou huai diao xin kuang tiao tai zao gao

you mei you ting dao qian li wai
wo dui ni hu jiao

zen me ban wo yue lai yue ai
kuai gei wo da sheng gong gao bai
ai jiu ai ma shang yao jing cai
bu yao cai pai
wei ni ku wei ni xiao wei ni down wei ni high
bu di kang bu shua lai bu hui gai
guan ta de qing hong huo zao bai
zhi yao dui ni chong bai

liu ni cheng wei shi jie zui hou yi ge ou xiang
靈魂找到食糧 ~ yea
ling hun zhao dao shi liang ~ yea

bu guan ni you mei you kong dang fen wo mu guang
lun wei kuai le gao yang

zou lu dou zai piao chi bu bao shui bu hao

nao dai dou huai diao xin kuang tiao tai zao gao

you mei you ting dao qian li wai miao xiao de hu jiao

zen me ban wo yue lai yue ai
gao ju a zui kua zhang deng pai
di yi ge chong dao di yi pai bi shei dou kuai

wei ni ku wei ni xiao wei ni down wei ni high
bu di kang bu shua lai bu hui gai

guan ta de qing hong huo zao bai
只要對你崇拜~ YO
zhi yao dui ni chong bai ~ yea

OMG 我越來越愛
Oh my God wo yue lai yue ai

xiang shou zhe su ming de an pai

yan kan ni zhi ming de feng cai pai shan dao hai

wei ni ku wei ni xiao wei ni down wei ni high
bu di kang bu shua lai bu hui gai
yue sha che yue ting bu xia lai
fan er yue lai yue ai

OMG 我越來越愛
Oh my God wo yue lai yue ai
yong li ai tian dou ta xia lai
ai ruo shi ni gei de tian zai ai
wo yao bei hai

wei ni hen wei ni ai wei ni huai wei ni guai
bu ying gai geng ying gai tai huo gai
yue ren nai yue ting bu xia lai

zhi neng yue lai yue ai

oh yue lai yue ai

oh da sheng gao bai

oh kan wo shi huai

zhi neng yue lai yue ai (Aaron: woo woo ~)

No no no no no no no
Go go go

zhi neng yue lai yue ai

ru guo qing chun zhi sheng yi zhang jue ban hai bao

ba ni tie zai er jiao

December 27, 2008

Pi Li MIT Ratings Break 1.0

According to the Pi Li MIT thread at the AF Forum, the ratings for episode 8 broke 1.0! WOOOHOOO! The rating for episode 8 was 1.01. I'm glad the ratings aren't affected by the leaked episodes and I hope they won't be. Apparently, the DVD version of Pi Li MIT already came out and GTV also leaked out a couple of episodes "accidently". It just doesn't make sense at all. On a side note, I just watched episode 8 and it was awesome! It's so fun to watch 007 (Arron) get jealous when he sees TMX (Gui Gui) being extremely nice to 747 (Xiao Gui)! AH~ there was one part where TMX and 747 started whispering to each other and giggling. 007 saw them and then he got mad and shouted "SO ARE YOU TWO TOGETHER NOW?!" HAHAHA~ ahhh~ so cute! It's obvious he has a thing for TMX although he keeps deny it. I love all those little things he does for her when the two of them are alone. Like in episode 5 or 6, he piggybacks her and eats the egg that she made for him. Another time, he gave her his drink. And in episode 8 when she broke down in fear, he heard her scream and ran to hug her. AH~they just so cute together!!!! GUILUN!

December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! I hope you guys enjoy your days off work/school! Enjoy unwrapping your gifts! It's the best of time of the year! Everyone is so jolly despite the current economic status. Spread the Christmas spirit! A simple greeting can lighten anyone up! So once again! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

December 23, 2008

Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit fires up fans at S'pore Indoor Stadium

By Charlene Chua / The New Paper Credit: AF Forum

IT was a tale of two responses at Friday night's Fahrenheit concert.

On the floor, scores of screaming teenagers were on their feet the whole night, bouncing up and down like Energizer bunnies.

But in the upper stands of the Singapore Indoor Stadium, some of the audience remained seated and strangely docile for a teenybopper concert.

Not that the foursome - Taiwan's biggest boy band after F4 and 5566 - can be blamed for not trying hard enough.

After all, it was the group's first concert in Singapore.

'I got scratched on the arms due to your passion!' Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen 28, told the crowd.

Added fellow member Wu Chun, 29, who continuously waved at the crowd: 'Stand up! Let's get high together!'

That rousing call worked for the largely female crowd as they screamed their lungs out.

The shrieks hit fever pitch when Aaron Yan, 22, hugged a 16-year-old contest winner on stage.

It helped that an extended runway stage allowed screaming fans to surge towards their idols.

Said Elizabeth Peng, an 18-year-old student: 'I'm going to grab them and kiss them if I can!'

In contrast, in the upper stands where I was seated, some of the audience seemed content to remain in their seats.

Although they laughed at Jiro Wang's onstage banter, they only demurely bobbed their heads to the beat of the music.

Even my 50-year-old mother, who accompanied me to the concert, was surprised, asking: 'Should we stand up? Isn't it funny to sit down all the way?'

Surely, most concert goers know it's the norm to stand up and dance during the fast numbers and sit down during the ballads?

I remember everyone standing on their seats when the New Kids on the Block performed in Singapore back in the early '90s.

People joined hands with strangers next to them and swayed to slow songs while standing on their seats the entire night.

Thankfully, the seated audience didn't dampen the energy of the show.

Right from the start, it was clear that Fahrenheit was determined to impress.

Apart from the slick dance moves, each member showed off individual talents on stage.

Wu Chun did a stylish drumming solo and showed off his martial arts prowess in a sword fighting routine.

Calvin busted out with his beat-boxing skills, a hip-hop dance solo and deejay 'scratching' routine.

Jiro Wang delivered a complicated guitar piece and Aaron Yan played the keyboards.

Gushed Ashley Goh, another 18-year-old student: 'I love Aaron because when he sings, I just melt. His voice is amazing!'

Hayden Tien, a 20-year-old student said she didn't mind spending $500 on bright neon signage to carry 'because then Wu Chun can see me in the dark'.

'That's all I want!' she said gleefully.

I love Aaron because when he sings, I just melt." ME TOO! HAHAA! I should really go to one of their concerts in the future!

SHINee - Changes To Flight Plans - Attacking Taiwan In A Hasty 45 Hours, Fully Booked Schedules

Korean boyband, [SHINee] will be coming to Taiwan the day after tomorrow (24th) to promote their new album, [AMIGO]. As their schedule in Taiwan is fully booked, and with their notices in Korea are constantly coming in, they have decided to switch to flying on China Airlines and will be reaching Taiwan on 10:50AM on board of flight CI9037. Their departure time has also been brought forward and they will be leaving on the morning of 26th, on China Airlines flight CI160 to return to Korea, attacking Taiwan for just a hasty 45 hours. Their trip to Taiwan is especially packed with notices. Other than showing off their dancing abilities on CTV's [Let's Dance( 舞林大道)] in which they will be be the show's first overseas artiste group to be invited as guests, they will also be attending [100% Entertainment (娛樂百分百)], [Azio Entertainment Biz (東風娛樂通)], [Entertainment@Asia by Azio TV(娛樂@亞洲)], [MTV JPOP/KPOP Craze (日韓音樂瘋)]'s show recordings, as well as going on Hit FM's [Entertainment E Generation (娛樂E世代)], in order to let the Taiwanese fans know more about them. Other than that, SHINee's only handshake event in Taiwan will be held on Christmas (25th) at 8PM, at Taipei International Conference Center in Room 101. Currently this has become a hot topic online and the records company are asking fans to adhere to the rule of queuing up, and not to jump queue which will create disorder and thus disrupting the event. Workers will be giving out number cards at 4PM, and the entrance to the event will be opened at 7PM, capping at the maximum of 700 places. Changes to SHINee's flights on their Taiwan trip: @ Arriving in Taiwan -- 12/24 (Wednesday) Arriviing at 10:50AM. CI9037. @ Departing from Taiwan -- 12/26 (Friday) Leaving at 08:10AM. CI160. News Source: Yahoo Taiwan Translation Credit: atlantis-x @ SHINee Forums Add. Credit: SHINee Forums, AF Forum

WA SE! They're going to be on 100% Entertainment! I'll be looking forward to that episode! Wonder how the interaction will be between Show + Xiao Gui + SHINee will go! Hahaha!

December 20, 2008

Sweet - 甜甜的

OooO! This song is catchy and happy!

Lyrics from LyricWiki

我輕輕的嘗一口 你說的愛我
我輕輕的嘗一口 這香濃的誘惑



◆我輕輕的嘗一口 你說的愛我
 我輕輕的嘗一口 這香濃的誘惑

★我輕輕的嘗一口 你說的愛我
 我輕輕的嘗一口 份量雖然不多



我輕輕的嘗一口 你說的愛我
我輕輕的嘗一口 味道香濃的說


December 19, 2008

Minuet in G

This is one of the songs played in Gem of Life! That little boy is really good at playing the piano!

Letter from Santa

Surprise! This is my letter from Santa Claus! Wooo! Here's the letter:

Greetings My First Friend:
Christmas is near. Thanks for your nice letter. My Elves are busy getting your toys and presents ready. You will be surprised when you see all the packages by your Christmas Tree. take care of your toys. share them with your playmates. keep on being real Good. Mind your Parents. Eat well. Do good deeds. say your prayers. Santa loves you, My reindeer are ready and will be at your House on time. You may hear the Sleigh Bells as they ring out to say: Merry Christmas to all and to All a Good Night. Ho Ho Ho from your Jolly Friend. "Santa Claus"

Fahrenheit Rely on Intellect to Earn Red Pocket Money

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Fahrenheit Rely on Intellect to Earn Red Pocket Money

Jiro Wang, Arron Yan, Wu Chun and Calvin Chen of Fahrenheit challenged TTV’s [Are You Smarter than A Primary School Student?]. The four members were split into two teams. Both teams reached the $100,000 question before losing. This caused Xiao-Yan Jie to praise them: [Pop idol group also have intelligence.]

The first promotion appearance for the new album was given to Xiao-Yan Jie’s [Are You Smarter than A Primary School Student?] First up were the team of Jiro Wang and Arron Yan who were both so nervous that they were trembling. Although they kept saying that they were scared, they were successful in answering a fair number of questions. When they chose the question in “Grammar”, [What is the dictionary radical for the Chinese character Yellow?], Wu Chun who was observing offstage even constantly asked those around him: [What is a dictionary radical?] That almost caused everyone to faint from laughing. Because Wu Chun was Bruneian and had no experience with the primary school topics in Taiwan, Jiro Wang and Arron were very confident on stage to bet that: [The losing team will go swimming in cold current.]

The two smoothly entered the $100,000 challenge level and encountered the question: [Who, among Chinese literary figures, had the nickname of the Dragon of Chinese Classical Poems?] Jiro Wang said [Po Chu-i], Arron Yan said [Tu Fu]. Unfortunately both their answers were incorrect. Instead it was a teacher sitting among the audience that gave the correct answer as [Xin Qiji]. Nevertheless, the two’s performance impressed Xiao-Yan Jie who said: [Alright, there is no need for the two of you to apologize to your teacher]. However, Xiao-Yan Jie still subtly shot this remark to Arron Yan who was facing the crisis of being requested to withdraw from college: [Arron Yan, as long as you attend classes as scheduled, you should be OK.] This caused Arron to give an embarrassed laugh and said: [I had the feeling of being caught.]

The good performances by Jiro Wang and Arron Yan seemed to have infected the other two members of Fahrenheit Wu Chun and Calvin Chen. Calvin Chen in particular, answered many questions by himself, even questions like [At what degree is the inner angle within an octagon?] could not stump him. Even the question in Current Affairs [What is the value of the consumer coupon?], he was able to answer correctly. In comparison, Wu Chun who had never studied primary school in Taiwan seemed to be at a disadvantage. Wu Chun laughed: [Everyone only taught me bad things but did not teach me these types of common knowledge.] Unexpectedly, Xiao-Yan Jie turned around and asked him: [Are you referring to Ella?] which led Wu Chun to quickly change his reply: [Everything she taught me are good.] In the end, the two teams from Fahrenheit each took home NTW $30,000 in prizes.

Show Luo and S.H.E become super fans at Aaron Kwok's concert

source: sina
translated by: Sarah @

Earlier, Aaron Kwok held 2 concerts in Taipei and his performance onstage was absolutely exuberant. Many Taiwanese artists attended, among them was Show Luo, who is famous for his Aaron imitations. After the concert, Show especially went backstage to visit, and also shared a hug.

Aaron’s 2 concerts in the Taipei Arena have successfully come to an end. Besides the arrival of Jay Chou, which created a big stir, many other popular artists attended including Jolin Tsai, Rainie Yang, Blackie, Lin Zhi Ling, Janine Chang, Faith Yang, Mavis Fan and Wu Zun etc all became honoured guests. Good friend Idy Chan especially flew from Hong Kong to Taiwan to offer her support.

Aaron’s charm onstage was unstoppable, many popular artists became little fans, and would constantly stand up to yell and cheer for him. S.H.E’s Ella and Hebe completely disregarded their idol status, and during the handshake period, they rushed to the front with fans and when Aaron came, Ella excitedly grabbed his leg and wouldn’t leg go. She exclaimed: “Aaron really is super hot! His dancing almost made me faint!”

Other than this, Show Luo, who is famous for his Aaron imitations attended both concerts, and afterwards, he specially went backstage to visit his idol. He expressed: “When thinking of having the chance to take a photo together with my super-idol, I really feel quite shy.”When they met, they even exchanged hugs, and Show praised his concert to be very successful, and Aaron told Show to work hard and jia you!

Afterwards, Aaron invited everyone to go and eat spicy hot pot together, and he made a toast to all the workers and dancers. He revealed that he is about to head to Guang Zhou to rehearse.

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA~Ella is sooooo funny! She totally became a fan! Grabbing onto his legs! Nice! HAHAHAAAA! I can imagine that!


Picture Credit to Nicole Choi@ Flickr

FINALS ARE OVER! First semester of college has finally come to an end! It's vacation time for real! It's really vacation time! No homework or project to complete! This is the difference between college and high school and junior high school. In high school and junior high, teachers would give projects/homework to do during the break whereas in college, school is really over. Hehehe!

December 16, 2008

Tavia Yeung talks about Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Linda Chung, and others

Translated by hyn5 @
AF Forum

Mak Ling Ling: Why don't you comment about the later generation as a older sister status. Let's start with the one you are most friend with, Fala Chen.

Tavia: If you don't know Fala, you would feel that she is difficult to get along with. I can say I am very familiar with her and we communicate quite well. She is a straightforward person, direct to a point where it makes people don't like her. Also, she has a lot of principles. She always asks, "Why this? Why that?" She has a lot of reasonings, too. She and I will have arguments, but I know she is a Westerner and she is a 乖女!

Mak Ling Ling: For a girl's point of view, do you think she attracts a lot of attention? The media always writes about her flirting with her eyes!

Tavia: She is attractive! She in fact does have a great figure. I always go "Wah!" when I stand beside her. With such an advantage, there is no reason not to let 外界觀點, 是非所理沒. In my heart, personally she is not that type of person. It is possibly a technique for the cameras and I wouldn't ask her how many boyfriends she has. But, she trusts me and she would tell me a lot things.

Mak Ling Ling: Are you envious of her for having such a great figure to help her get a lot of exposure?

Tavia: I wouldn't use the word envy because I have my way of survival. Besides, she is from Miss Chinese International and I am from TVB's Acting Class. We will have to whose strides are faster! I am quite proud that I am from TVB's Acting Class and that I have not participated in Miss Hong Kong. To be able to sit here and do this interview today, it is from my hard work. Also, I am a rather 慢熱, step by step person. I have been in the industry for ten years, so I understand myself very well.

Mak Ling Ling: How about Kate Tsui?

Tavia: I have not worked with Kate. The most we interacted was at Claire Yiu's wedding. Work related is close to zero. I first met her because of the filming of "On the First Beat," she cut her hair, very tom-boy like and she spoke 粗魯. In "Moonlight Resonance," she grew her long and she is able to be very girly. In some degree, she is quite quiet. She knows exactly what she needs to do and she has her method of acting. She had previously won an award in movies, her acting is quite mature and her improvement is rapid.

Mak Ling Ling: How about Linda Chung?

Tavia: Linda, too does not speak much and she is also a silly girl. She would ask for our opinions and to some extent, she is a nervous wreck and needs us to comfort her. I am already used to it. I have watched her performance in "Heart of Greed" and she acted very well.

Mak Ling Ling: If you are to pick one of the three that you 最睇好, who will you pick?

Tavia: I will pick Linda, because I have watched more of Linda's series. Her performace in "Heart of Greed" made me quite 刮目相看. Her performance if different in there and she turn her crying on and off.

Mak Ling Ling: How about even newer ones like Tracy Ip and Sharon Luk?

Tavia: I have seen Sharon Luk host and I can't comment/judge a person that quickly. I have used many years to accomplish what I have today. But I saw "When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West" and she can spend a little more time [on acting]. I am not familiar with Tracy Ip, even in "Moonlight Resonance" we had little contact. My deepest impression of Tracy is her being a host. As for her series, I do not dare to say if it is good or not, but all I can say is she can be better!

In order to prove that she is not dating, Tavia brought up an example to prove she is not attractive. "I really do have no attractiveness. Why is that? All of the other girls' have rumours as if they are being instructed to have. Ron gives me rides all the time. We have even held hands and walked in Causeway Bay and still no rumours!"

Wu Chun talks continuously, making flowers prettier and food taste more delicious

Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @
Picture from Chun's Wretch Blog

Fahrenheit's Wu Chun has a secret skill which can make flowers look prettier and food taste more delicious, much like bewitching, he talks nonstop to these things!

Fahrenheit's new MV "Loving More and More" reflects their own feelings about love, being a famous celebrity and meeting a girl you love but not being able to say anything. Arron Yan acts as the shy male star and through the encouragement of Wu Chun, Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen, he finally gives her flowers and reveals his feelings.

Also, this bouquet of flowers have been given Wu Chun's "added support" because when not filming, he was mumbling continuously to the flowers, causing people to become puzzled, up until they filmed the flower scene. Then he explained, "As long as you keep telling the flowers, 'You're very beautiful' - they will bloom even more beautifully!" As soon as Calvin heard he laughed and continued, "So that's why when you say to your food 'it's delicious', it's because you want the food to become even tastier!"

In the MV, they can't express their love and in reality they also wish love would arrive quickly. Both Calvin and Wu Chun have intentions to get married and to have a stable relationship, while Jiro Wang who is single, wants to find a girl that his mother will also like. Arron also said, "I'm still waiting for the right person to appear!"

HAHAHAAA! Wu Chun talks to flowers and food! I guess we all have those moments where we talk to things that won't talk back to us.

December 14, 2008

Yue Lai Yue Ai (越來越愛)

OMG! OMG! OMG ! Someone please call Christine Ng and tell her to get me an oxygen mask too! I'm afraid I'll faint if I keep rewatching this MV! This is such a happy song and a cool MV! Chun looks even younger with that haircut! He's so darn handsome in this MV! I love the part where he's wearing the black vest! Hahaha! And gosh Calvin! His eyes are so electrifying suddenly! I never really noticed it in the past! It must have something to do with his recent haircut! 帅! Now Jiro! I'm not a fan of his new hair style! I rather prefer he go back to his old hairstyle. This new hairstyle is too flat! But nevertheless, he's still looking very cool in the MV! OOO ARRON TIME! Kawaiiiii! He's so cute towards the end! His FRH bros push him to give the flowers to the girl and he was acting all shy and stuff! Hahahahahaa! After watching this MV, I have mustered new energy to battle those horrible finals that coming up in just days. I'll be back! Enjoy this MV!

Fahrenheit Third Album: 越來越愛

I got good news for all you Fahrenheit Fans out there! I just found out from Sukuya's blog that there will be three preorder versions of Fahrenheit's Third Album and all three of them are up on
If I had a job right now, I would totally go get both notebook versions! -Sigh- Money is evil! Hahaha! I've already ordered my preordered version from the music store. The guy told me that I should come back on the 3rd of January to pick it up but according to the notebook versions are coming out on the 9th. I guess I'll go to the shop on the 3rd to see if they got the notebook versions! OMG! I can't wait to get their third album and the notebook! Wah~Arron's face on my notebook! Awesome! I don't I'll be using that notebook; I'll be framing it instead! MUHAHAHAHAHHAA! Heck, the folders that I got from their second album are still in their plastic wrap. I'm afraid they'll get dirty if I use them! Hahahahaa! I know I'm weird!

December 13, 2008

Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng’s emoticons win fans

Source: UDN
Translated by Initial E @

To enter the youth market, more and more idol dramas are using MSN emoticons, including SETTV’s ‘Invincible Shan Bao Mei’ (無敵珊寶妹) and GTV’s ‘Love or Bread’ (我的億萬麵包). For the main actors Ariel Lin (林依晨) and Joe Cheng (鄭元暢), ‘Love or Bread’ is collaborating with MSN to come up with 10 different emoticons for the fans of the show to download. Even heavenly king Jay Chou (周杰倫) is no exception. Recently he collaborated with KK-Box to come up with his own personal emoticons. All these let the world of MSN emoticons be another place for idols to compete over.

According to statistics, any blog which contains idol’s emoticons would have over a million hits per day. In mainland China, even video downloading on the Internet offers adorable idol emoticons, becoming another way of getting ratings. For one downloading website which main target group is youths, because of these emoticons, ‘Love or Bread’ became the number one ratings hit that day.

AHHH~look at those emoticons! I should totally set up a MSN account!

December 12, 2008


Serendipity. I like this word. It sounds really nice and sophisticated. Who says that watching dramas are a waste of time! I heard this word from Gem of Life. The part where Gigi was playing a crossword puzzle and got stuck at one of the riddle about a fairytale regarding three traveling princes. And the word was Serendipity!

What does Serendipity mean? According to Wikipedia, Serendipity means discovering something by accident. It's like if I go to the music store to browse around and accidentally discover free Fahrenheit posters. Hahaha! The likelihood of that happening is slim.

Here are some words related to Serendipity:
Serendipitous: adjective version
Serendipper: someone who finds things by serendipity
Serendipitist: someone who believes in serendipity

December 11, 2008

Andy Lau to Wed Girlfriend of 23 Years

source: asianbite
credit: Star-Ecentral , AF Forum

After 23 years of keeping their romance under wraps, Hong Kong heartthrob Andy Lau Tak Wah and his Malaysian girlfriend Carol Chu will walk down the aisle next year.

The couple, who got to know each other in 1985, has chosen Pulau Redang in Terengganu as the site for their lavish wedding ceremony to avoid the papparazzi.

Hong Kong magazine Three Weekly reported that the 47-year-old Lau got the idea of getting married on a faraway resort island from his buddy Tony Leung Chiu Wai, who recently tied the knot with Chinese beauty Carina Lau Kar Ling.

The magazine reported that the star had been vehemently denying his relationship with Chu for fear of losing the support of his fans but Chu’s appearance at Lau’s concert early this year had sent the rumour mill into overdrive.

Lau also set tongues wagging when he asked his fans if idols could have girlfriends and get married as a way of testing his fans’ response to his marriage plans. Fans responded that he should be open about his love for Chu.

Chu’s romance with Lau is believed to have started not long after she was named second runner-up in a beauty contest in 1985.

In May this year, he was spotted at the wedding ceremony of Chu’s sister in Kuala Lumpur.

When contacted by press, his former girlfriend Yu Ke Xin said: “I am very happy for him. It is time he settled down.”

Wahhh~the first news I read today and it's a happy one too! Awesome! It's about time Andy gets married. Congratulations to him!

December 08, 2008

Fahrenheit Became Spokespersons for Renowned Hair Product GATSBY in Mainland China

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Fahrenheit replaced Kimura Takuya and became new spokespersons for renowned hair product GATSBY in mainland China. This made Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang extremely happy because he had always idolized Kimura Takuya and hoped to have a chance to work with him in music or in dramas in the future.

For the making of this commercial, the manufacturer specially designed an “I have style, I use Gatsby” slogan based on the attributes of the four members of Fahrenheit. The slogan used a homonym to represent the “style” in reference to outer appearance and the “style” in reference to intrinsic flair with the hope of responding to the beauty standards of young people of today that must encompass both outer appearance and intrinsic flair.

Even although the commercial filmed each person separately, regardless which one of them was in front of the camera, the others would act as technical instructors on the side. Although all four of them were very skillful at fixing their hair, during the actual filming process, they could only touch up their hair through the camera lens. Unable to use a mirror to see made them momentarily uncomfortable. Only Jiro Wang was most calmed about it because he was always noticing and fixing his hair. Therefore, regardless the pose, he was able to mimic fixing his hair without any problem at all. Even the director praised his gestures as the most natural.

The manufacturers regarded this commercial very highly and even hired at great expense, a Hong Kong photographer, a German director and a Japanese stylist to work together to create this commercial. In the film studio, the mixture of Chinese, English and Cantonese made the whole process very international. It also highlighted the international aspect of Fahrenheit. Within Fahrenheit, only Jiro Wang did not have the experience of studying abroad and therefore, in comparison to the other three, his English was not as strong. However, after working on this commercial, Jiro felt that he had improved greatly in both his spoken and comprehensive English skills. The other three also often gave him pointers and took on the role of Jiro’s English tutors.

Calvin Chan had endured some sufferings for this advertisement. In order to meet the requirement of how the commercial must look, he had to get up several hours earlier than everyone else and spent four hours doing hair extensions as well as dying his hair black. After the filming was done, he had to spend another six hours to remove the hair extension. Calvin said with a resigned smile: [Before because my hair was so short, I only had to wear a cap and did not really have to work on my hair, so I was able to start work one hour later than everyone else. I never thought that this time because my hair was so short, I ended up working 10 plus hours more than everyone. It is really not worth it upon calculation.]

Fahrenheit also will be endorsing hairspray products. The happy person was their hairstylist because all four placed great importance in looking good. Their hairstylist exaggeratedly indicated: [The amount of hairspray Fahrenheit uses is 10 times more than other artists.]

According to sources, there was one time when they had to do a scene with them riding on motorbikes and wearing safety helmets while filming a CF for a beverage. It was unexpected that after the shoot was finished and they took off the safety helmets, the hairstyles of all four of them remained unaffected. This demonstrated how much hairspray they must have used.

After they endorsed hair products, Fahrenheit always have various types of styling products with them no matter where they were. In the past, between jobs, they would eat and chat in their spare time. Now, they had a new hobby…and that was to play “rocks & scissors” to determine which person would get a change in hairstyle. This new game gave Fahrenheit’s hairstylist a headache because each time after fixing up their hair, the four changed it to something else altogether. To ensure that everything was in sequence, the hairstylist had to spend more time and redo everything back into the original hairstyle. Therefore the staff workers restricted them to play with hairstyles only after work was finished. But Fahrenheit refused to give up and started to turn their attention to the heads of the staff workers. Every now and then they would grab one of the staff for experiments and used them as free hairstyling models. Fahrenheit also admitted honestly that when the four of them got together for functions, they would use up two cans of hairspray within one day. Every time when they returned to the company van, they would also spray hairspray relentlessly, to the point where the staff workers would be fighting to get out of the car.

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credits : CEFC and HIM International
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December 04, 2008

Something Entertaining

HILARIOUSSSSSSSSS!DBSK on Fuse TV! For people in the US, you can watch this on FUSE TV if you have cable!

Fahrenheit Transformed into a Rock Feel, New Album will include a [Coupon Blessing Pouch]

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

The pre-sale for Fahrenheit’s new album [Loving More and More] will start on December 10. Earlier they were in a photo session for the cover of the album. They changed from the sunshine boy image in the past to challenging a new image of a rocker-like feel in hopes of presenting a more mature Fahrenheit to their fans. The record company was also very creative in launching a [Fahrenheit Coupons Blessing Pouch] that could only be purchased through specific coupons redemption.

The new album [Loving More and More], other than dance songs which were Fahrenheit’s
*specialty, the song arrangements even purposely added in some elements of rock’n’roll. The production period happened to coincide with their concert tour, therefore in order to coordinate with Fahrenheit’s tour schedule, the producers flew to Shanghai and Beijing to continue with the recording. To this, Fahrenheit also joked that this album should be titled [Flying Here and There] because the recording for each song was at a different location.

Recently, Fahrenheit who showed off their talents during the concerts also stepped up their efforts to strength their musical creativity abilities. Jiro Wang practicing on guitar, Arron Yan on the piano, Calvin Chan in B-Box and pop king Wu Chun even purchased a set of drums for his home so that after work, he could rush home to practice. This made the staff workers to joke that the set of drums was like the secret lover of Wu Chun.

In order to coordinate with the [Band Sound] theme of the new album, Fahrenheit changed to a rocker punk style and posed for promotional shots garbed in a heavy metal style to present a rocker feel. Fahrenheit also boldly indicated that [With the four of us, we hope to win this difficult battle of numerous male singers releasing new albums at the end of the year.]

In keeping with the recently extremely popular topic of consumer coupons, Fahrenheit’s record company also came up with this creative slogan [Consuming Good Album, Reviving Good Mood] and launched a limited number of [Fahrenheit Coupons Blessing Pouch]. This Blessing Pouch, which could only be purchased through coupon redemption, contained not only the album but also other associated merchandise. Two types of bags will be launched, one for NTW $500 and one for NTW $700.

However, how will Fahrenheit use their own coupons of NTW $3600? Calvin Chan said: [I will give it to my mother for purchasing household goods such as toothpaste and toilet papers.] Jiro Wang also planned the same: [I will also be giving it to my mother as household allowance.] Arron Yan “wisely” indicated: [I would first spend $400 to buy our newest album and donate the rest.]

AHHHHHHHH~ third album is almost out! Preorder starts on the 10th! That's just a day before my birthday! Awesome! I'm definitely going to get this one! I don't really like that picture up there though. They all look so depressed...

December 01, 2008

Arron Blog Post: Trust

From Arron's Blog: 相信吧

相信是一件很困難的事情 尤其當一個人被欺騙過無數次之後

感覺身邊很多人很難發自內心去相信一個人 因為太多期待 也太多傷害

受傷指數在台灣特別高 很心疼大家 因為這樣相處真的很痛苦

猜忌懷疑 彼此之間距離越來越遠 一直遠到聽不到對方心裡的聲音 徹底關閉自己的心防

的確 受過謊言的折磨後 要讓有裂痕的心復原是很難的 可是一開始就居心叵測的懷疑設防又是怎樣的一回事情?

我真的希望 彼此之間給予多點空間 多點相信的空間 心胸寬大的讓謙虛的風能暢行無阻

以相信為前提讓事情能簡單單純 這樣不是很好嗎

現在網路資訊發達 也讓國與國 地方與地方之間的距離縮小了

但是為什麼感覺人與人之間 心的距離 日與俱增

你們想過嗎 要不要一起實行 相信大會? 我來帶頭 營造快樂一點的社會感


Translated by aiwa@FahrenheitGloba1:Trust

Trust is a very difficult matter especially after a person has been betrayed many times

Feel that many people around me find it really hard to trust someone from the bottom of their heart, because there's too much hope and too much harm

The hurtful rate in Taiwan is especially high, really worried about everyone because it's really painful to cooperate this way

Suspicion creates a greater distance between one another, so far that one's voice from the heart cannot be heard, completely shutting out your own heart

Indeed, after being tortured by lies it's really hard to heal the wound on the heart, but what's with having suspicion of bad intentions right from the beginning?

I really hope that people can give each other a greater space, a greater space for trust, an open heart will be able to let modesty pass through smoothly

Taking trust as a premise to make things simple and pure, wouldn't that be very nice?

Now the internet communication is very high tech, and also narrows the distance between countries and places

But why do I feel that the heart's distance between people is not getting smaller

Have you all ever thought, to start off a trust congress? I will take the lead to create a happier society

because I sincerely hope everyone can be happy^^