November 25, 2008

TVB Gala 2008

Hahahaa! He's inserting a smiley face! How random is that! This year's show was funny and maybe funnier than last year's show. The show begins with some actors and actresses in English costumes dancing to music. Good music.

The next event was cool. Some trained actors were bouncing on this thing and writing something on the wall. Check it out!

OooO, another dancing event except this time it's hip hop with Liza Wang! Like whoa!!! I'll give her an A for effort. Her dance was okay. She was dancing girls and guys. The girl dancing group did pretty well. The guys on the other hand made mistakes at the beginning. Michael Tse nearly did an incomplete mid air turn. And then they weren't really dance at the same rate. Some people were dancing slower. I don't anyone can match up to the togetherness skills displayed at the Opening Ceremony! Now that was awesome! Hahaha!

The next show was a veterans' show. I guess this is the couples from the past segment of the show. There's four pairs as you can see below. I have no idea why Charmaine and Kevin are in this segment. They're not as "veteran" as the other three pair of veterans.

This was my favorite part of the show! The Three Comedians: Johnson Lee, Louis Yuen, and Wong Cho Lam! They came on stage impersonating Three Golden Flowers with a "cardboard figure with someone's face on it". HAHAHAA! That was smart. Their second act was Johnson Lee singing a song and Louis shooting a chicken (Wong Cho Lam) in the background! In the third act, the three of them came out as the three main female characters from Moonlight Resonance and rapped about Sonia's Deep V making them go crazy. HAHAHAA! Their last act was the three of them singing a revised version of "You and Me". Hahahahaaa~

Mini-Concert with Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, and Patrick Tang! I think they were singing live. Bosco was rapping and dancing. Linda was singing and dancing and so were Myolie and Raymond.

Hehehe! This was the segment that the media criticized the most! I thought this was a pretty funny skit. Three people are interviewed by the MR cast for different positions. The first person is Silly Ma (Eric Tsang) and the person acting as his arms is Charmaine! The second person is Deaf Auntie (Moses Chan) and the person acting as his arms is Christine Ng. Hahaa~ she kept groping his chest! The last person is Bosco Wong and the person acting as his arms is probably Myolie Wu! This skit has the usual pie throwing part and that's why the MR cast is wearing raincoats. Hahahahaa! That's the end!

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