November 10, 2008

TVB Failing

Yesterday's post sounds rather depressing. Hahaha! I try to calm myself down by watching dramas. That's how I keep my sanity. But lately, TVB is failing me. I'm not getting that hyped up about these shows anymore. Heck, I'm not even watching the "When Easterly Showers Falls on the Sunny West " because I dislike that period. The costumes and hairstyles are just not my cup of tea.

The new sitcom, Off Peddler, is funny but it's nothing like Best Selling Secrets. In Best Selling Secrets, nearly every episode had a point to prove. So far, Off Peddler is showing me that Teresa Mo's character can solve problems.

  • Magazine deadline is tomorrow but the blueprint is not finished. No worries, she solved that.

  • Need to get an interview with a low profile businessman. No worries, she solved that too.

  • Deparment running out of much needed talented staff. No worries, she's got a great eye for talented people.

Woo! She can solve problems. That's pretty much the storyline right now.

Gem of Life is where I place my hope on. It's a very very long series! 80 episodes! Hopefully, it doesn't lose its momentum halfway through the show like most long series do. There two reasons I'm watching this show. The first is the cast. GOL has a really glamorous cast with a handful of MR people. Moses' character is pretty interesting to watch. He seems like a good boy and a bad boy at the same time. Hahaha! The second reason is because this Gigi's last series! I can't believe she's really leaving this industry after so many years. Good health to her brother! Even though I have hope for GOL, I'm still not getting that hype that I usually get from watching TVB dramas. I'm longer squealing for the next episode to come out. This is a time where Taiwan idol dramas come to save my drama life.

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