November 01, 2008

Steven Ma got lucky with Linda in a string of kissing scenes

Source: Wenweipo
Translated by: tamaya @

Steven Ma got lucky with Linda in a string of kissing scenes

There are quite a bit of intimate scenes in “Dogs”. Ma Zai says that he and Linda have already shot 3 or 4 kissing scenes, and that since entering entertainment, this series has the most kissing scenes between him and his female lead.

When teased that he got lucky, (『艳』福不浅 yan fu bu qian) Steven quips: What 艳福? Should be 焰福 instead ! (puns on the word 『艳』vs 『焰』 both pronounced as 【yàn】 in Chinese. 『焰』means hot, blazing flames. ) We were on location everyday, shooting under a scorching sun and suffering heat wave. Also, so as to accommodate various camera angles, we had to contort our bodies. After each cut, we were both exhausted.

Asked if he felt awkward doing the kissing scenes, Steven says: No! All we need to do were to exude an innocent sweet feeling, none of those French kisses. So not awkward at all.

He even kidded Linda after their kissing scene: Aiyo! I’d just finished kissing the dog and I forgot to wipe my mouth before kissing you.
Sorry! (m hou yi si!)

Linda knew that Steven was just kidding her so she laughed good-naturedly. Theirs was a happy collaboration. Even the kissing scenes were done naturally and spontaneously. Total tacit understanding between them.

WAHHH! Another Linda-Steven pairing!!! This is their third collaboration after Virtues of Harmony 2 and Journey Called Life!!! Wooo~ I actually like this pairing over the Linda-Raymond pairing... hahaha

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