November 09, 2008

Pi Li MIT: Character Profiles

Name: Teacher Cherry acted by Fan Wei Qi
The previous leader of PiLiMIT, Teacher Charlie, also needs to be evolved, and is now taken over by the pretty and generous Teacher Cherry, who is very suitable for the job. Teacher Cherry had lied that she is from the last generation of PiLiMeimei, but the truth is that it had already been disbanded by then.
Status: She is the school’s counselor and is also the daughter of the school’s principal. Her views are very different from her father’s (This is due to her father disbanding PiLiMeimei, which resulted in her being unable to join. Thus she purposely created PiLiMIT to go against her father.
Best skill: She is a very good actor, and is able to get past the suspects’ mental defenses, to make them admit that they are guilty.
Tactics: She want to lead her students in the right path and direction.
Weapons: Secret. Once it is used, it will definitely shock many people.
Experiences: She has reached the top tier, and is a superb player.

Celsius: She's the host of Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang and the girlfriend of Blackie, the host of He Se Hui Mei Mei.

Name: Qian Fu hao acted by Lu Ting Wei
Character: Libra. He is born as a rich man's kid with idol like looks. He is destined to be an electrifying handsome man and his killer looks draws all girls towards him. Hence the America's murder law no. 187 is used as his nickname.
Status: Year 3 student. All the girls in school will take his photo, gossip about him and admire him.
Best skill: Has an electrifying pair of eyes, and can make any girl melt.
Tactics: He is often targeted by love rivals, those he defeated, and guys who just broke up etc.
Weapon: Able to gather information from all females. As long as there are women, there will be no information that he cannot get.
Experiences: Having a rich family, the sch's statues, library and swimming pool are donated by his family. Hence, he is not afraid of being expelled from school. However, as he had been kidnapped when he was young, this had left him scarred. Thus, to look for his kidnapper, he joined PiLiMIT with the single clue left behind by the kidnapper, a chain with MIT carved in it.

Celsius: I don't know him. He kinda reminds me of Arron. Not YaLun but Arron Kwok. Hahaha! Looks like he's a womanizer in this show.

Name: Huang Hui Hong acted by Xiao Gui
Character: His target is to become a well-built muscle man. (He thinks that life is bitter and short, and is also very righteous. Whenever he hears of any injustice, he will rush to the person's defense. Overtime, he developed amazing speed. Hence his nickname, Boeing 747.
Status: His fortune was told by a certain fortune teller that he will not live beyond 20 years old and that he will face many disasters. Seeing that the fortune teller's predictions are becoming true, 747 begins to believe that his end is near. He decided to use his time left to do something useful. Thus, he decided to join PiLiMIT, thinking that this is his last chance to become a hero.
Best skill: Once he grabs the opponent's leg, he will be able to know his opponent's body condition and also put the opponent in pain.
Tactics: He idolizes many heroes and believes in justice.
Weapon: Well-executed moves. A single move can put his opponent in pain.
Experiences: Once he sees any injustice, he will definitely do his best to help. However, due to his unluckiness, he almost gets expelled from school.

Celsius: AH~ Xiao Gui. He's co hosts 100% Entertainment with Show Luo. He's pretty funny there! His character is going to be in a triangle with YaLun and Gui Gui.

Name: Zhan Shi De acted by Arron Yan
Character: Leo. His father is an internationally well known detective. (Therefore, 007 was trained by his father from young. He received high-tech toys for his birthday and Christmas every year.)
Status: He is said to be a gifted and talented high school student. However, due to a car accident, he injured his head and became a "normal" person. (Even so, the truth is that 007 had always looked up to his father and aims to be like him one day. He had been prepared to enroll into the police academy as the top student, but temporarily lost his hearing due to the overwhelming stress. This caused him to lose his placement in the academy when the fitness test was done. Thus, his dream was dashed, and he enrolled in the Sheng Ying private school.)
Best skill: Superb photographic memory. Whenever he finds a piece of evidence, he will look into it until it is solved.
Tactics: He remains calm and cool at all times and his logic and deduction skills are very good. However, as he had no friends since young, whenever he meets (comes across) something (a situation) that will make him excited or touched, he will not be able to display his best.
Weapons: He has the best brains, good at lying, is able to hide his true feelings. (Having a dad that can look through anyone, 007 has also learned to cook up evidences and create false fronts.)
Experiences: As his dream was dashed, he cheated in his exams out of despair, which was later found out. Nevertheless, Teacher Cherry chose him to be a member of PiLiMIT to make full use of his deducing talents.

Celsius: AHHHHH~YALUN! He's Arron Yan, the youngest member of Fahrenheit. This is his first series where he's the male lead! Woot! Go Arron! Jia You! I like his hair. HAHAHA! Ah~this series makes Friday my favorite day of the week~

Name: Li Xiao Xing acted by GuiGui
Character: Her dream is to write a novel and lives entirely in her own world. She insists on using her favourite characters Sirius and voldemort as her codename.
Status: She is like an invisible person in school. (Hence, Teacher Cherry used this as an advantage as she thinks that XiaoXin is very suitable to be a spy.) She is also the abandoned daughter of the meimei group leader and the elder twin sister of the devil.
Best skills: She is willing to do anything just to think of the best storyline, including faking a suicide or stimulating a murder.
Tactics: She often cannot decide on using Sci-fiction, logic, or horror genres for her novels. Thus, her novels most distinguishing feature is that it often does not adhere to logic.
Weapon: She is unable to understand 007’s logic and reasoning. Hence, she just follows her own intuitions. (Her instincts are not any sixth sense supernatural powers, but rather comes from a fortune teller lady who tells fortunes at Xing Tian Gong (street name) underpass. With a single phone call, the fortune teller will give her inspiration to solve the case.
Experiences: As she lacks inspirations for her stories, she used the school’s case as her novel’s storyline. As a result, she became a suspect but yet accidentally became a member of PiLiMIT.

Celsius: OooO, GuiGui! She's from the band, Hey Girl! Woo! I don't mind her being paired up with Arron anymore! I think I'm becoming more a GuiLun fan! Hahahaa! Her acting is actually not that bad at all. Gui Gui! You Jia You too!

Character Profile Credit to cloud9@asianfanatics forum

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