November 11, 2008

I Love Taiwan Idol Dramas!

Thank you so much! Thank you for saving my drama life! Hey TVB, I'll see you after my little vacation with Taiwan's Idol Dramas! Hehehehe! So, Taiwan Idol Dramas, I think these dramas are amazingly well done. The ones that I'm watching right now have inexperienced actors and actresses but the storyline is good and the dialog is just hilarious! Most of the male/female leads in the dramas are new to acting yet they're actually not that bad at acting at all.

Reasons for loving Taiwan Idol Dramas
- The characters have a lot of funny hallucinations! Hallucinations are a must in these dramas. You hardly see these in TVB dramas.
- The OSTs! These dramas usually have OSTs unlike TVB. TVB has some drama OSTs but not a lot.
- The male/female leads are probably new people that you've never seen before yet their acting is pretty solid. Unlike TVB, where a handful of actors/actresses appear in drama after drama after drama. It's like TVB ran out of people to lead their dramas.
- Most of the Taiwan dramas has high school as a theme. Most of TVB's characters work in some office or cubicle. They hardly have any school theme series.

Favorites (not in any order):
- 18 Censor or Not: Hilarious High School Comedy
- My Lucky Star: Excellent Storyline with Passion
- Brown Sugar Macchiato: Hilarious High School Comedy
- Bull Fighting: Memorable Quotes with Words of Wisedom
- Pi Li MIT: High School Mystery

* I miss high school. :(

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