November 26, 2008

GuiLun Thoughts

This couple [GuiLun] is probably the most criticized couple I've ever seen before. The female lead of MIT was voted online. The three choices were Hebe from SHE, Gui Gui from Hey Girl, and Rainie Yang. And of course, Hebe was the top choice. Great news for all those BeBu fans out there. Hahahaa~ in reality, they never actually paired up, I think. It was really the fanfictions and the age old saying of "they look compatible together" that drove fans to support this pairing. Sadly, Hebe was busy so she couldn't participate in MIT. So then Gui Gui who came in second was chosen to take part in MIT, thus creating GuiLun! And then the hating began.

I was against the GuiLun pairing at first, mainly because I had no clue who Gui Gui was. I guess my views on this pair changed after I watched 18 Censor or Not. I was impressed by the girl who played Xia Nian Qiao and I found out that she was Xiao Xun from Hey Girl. Yepp, so then I started to watch her other shows, Brown Sugar Macchiato and The Legend of the Brown Sugar Chivalries. So that was how I was exposed to the other Hey Girls, including Gui Gui. Her characters are pretty funny in both shows, though she had a really minor role in Chivalries. Eventually, I started to watch HSHMM. I've come to the conclusion that Gui Gui is one of the weirdest and most energetic person on tv that I know. She's weirder than Hebe! Hahahaa~ they're both really funny!

After watching the first three episodes of Pi Li MIT, I'm just glad that Rainie Yang wasn't chosen for the female role. I don't think she fits the mysterious schoolgirl image. Hebe and Gui Gui are the better choices. And Gui Gui's acting is so far so good. I'm even more impress with Arron's acting. He plays the typical cool guy outside warm guy inside character. Arron does a pretty good job at it! I'm waiting for more GuiLun interactions in the next few episodes! Woo! GuiLun!

Pictures credit to AF Gallery

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