November 06, 2008

Funny Wu Chun

HAHAA! This is hilarious! Danson and Jiro are trying to tell a scary story but they get interrupted! It's like a domino effect. Blackie scares Ella. Ella fails to scare Wu Chun. Wu Chun scares Jiro. <--- HAHAHA! Jiro's face was priceless at that moment! And lastly, Da Ya, fails to scare Danson.

AHHH~ another good one! Witty Wu Chun! Calvin and Chun agree to reveal who they like to kiss the most. Calvin is scared that Chun is gonna trick him but Chun assures him that he will tell. So Calvin gives his answer and then it's Chun's turn. And Chun's like...I kiss...BEEF HAMBURGER!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

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