November 30, 2008

Favorite Month of the Year

Isn't that a breath taking December sunrise? That's a great picture! I love December! There's so much stuff happening this December! Check it out!

December 1: Three terrestrial bodies are having a special gathering! Mars, Jupiter, and the moon will light up the night sky in this evening! So be sure to look up at night and spot this cool event!

December 5: Leila Tong's Birthday! Show Luo's Album "Fashion Show" will be out!

December 6: Hacken Lee's Birthday!

December 8: Raymond Lam's Birthday! New TVB drama: Pages of Treasure (Wayne Lai)

December 11: Celsius' Birthday! Leon Lai's Birthday too!

December 13: Bosco Wong's Birthday!

December 15: Xiah Junsu's Birthday!

December 16: Gallen Lo's Birthday!

December 19: Frankie Lam's Birthday!

December 21: Francis Ng's Birthday!

December 22: Emil Chow's Birthday!

December 25: Merry Christmas!

December 28: Mike He's Birthday!

December 30: Mimi Lo's Birthday!

December xx: Fahrenheit's third album is out!

December xx: First School term is over! FINALLY!

AHH~ my favorite month of the year! Fahrenheit's third album and Show's sixth album are coming out in December! WAHHH~ and so many people celebrating their birthdays in December too, including me! Yipppeee! Hahahaa! Wah~ just a few minutes before December 1 arrives! Hopefully, there will be a white christmas this year!

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