November 08, 2008

Charlene Partners With Mike He In Taiwan Idol Series

Source: Mingpao
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Charlene Partners With Mike He In Taiwan Idol Series

Recently, there has been news that Gillian Chung will be filming a Taiwanese idol series. The male lead will be Ethan Ruan, who is very popular at the moment. Although Gillian will only play as the second female lead, her salary will be higher than Ethan's, at approximately $100 000 per episode. Yesterday Charlene Choi attended "bossini"'s "Happiness is Simple" function. She expressed that she did not know of Gillian accepting to film an idol series in Taiwan. She said: I didn't know of this, but at the end of the year, I will be going to Taiwan to film an idol series, and my partner will be Mike He.

Did Not Know Gillian Will Be Filming Taiwan Idol Series

Before, Charlene begins filming for the new idol series, she will be traveling to six different locations in mainland China to take part in a stage production. Once she finishes filming for this idol series, she will have to starting filming Show Luo for their new movie.Does this mean that she won't be attending the music awards ceremony at the end of the year? Ah Sa replies: If I have time, I will attend for sure. I'll have to wait for my company to make arrangements. As of now, I don;t know which days I will have off. Everyday, I will receive a fax from my company with information on what jobs I will have for the day. With regards to Joey Yung's toes becoming infected due to wearing high heels too often when dancing at performances, Ah Sa said: My toes also grow outwards, so it's not suitable for me to wear high heels too often. The doctor has recommended for me to undergo surgery, but I would have to rest for three months, and won;t be able to run around.

Denies Buying Souvenir For Ronald Cheng

Earlier, Ah Sa represented "bossini" and traveled to Denmark for a photo shoot. When she arrived back to Hong Kong, her luggage went missing. There were rumors that the gifts she brought back for Ronald and Wu Zun were also lost. In response, Ah Sa said: I didn't buy gifts for him to start with. I only bought cookies and chocolates back for my colleagues. Yesterday, Ah Sa made cookies at the function. When she was young, she has also prepared means for her father to eat. Unforunately, Ronald hasn't had the chance to try out her cooking before.

Wow! I never saw this coming! HK star in Taiwan idol series! This should be an interesting collaboration! It looks like Charlene is expanding into the Taiwanese market! First it was the movie thing with Wu Chun, then the song/mv with JJ, and now a drama with Mike He! WOOO! I love Taiwan idol dramas~

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