November 30, 2008

Favorite Month of the Year

Isn't that a breath taking December sunrise? That's a great picture! I love December! There's so much stuff happening this December! Check it out!

December 1: Three terrestrial bodies are having a special gathering! Mars, Jupiter, and the moon will light up the night sky in this evening! So be sure to look up at night and spot this cool event!

December 5: Leila Tong's Birthday! Show Luo's Album "Fashion Show" will be out!

December 6: Hacken Lee's Birthday!

December 8: Raymond Lam's Birthday! New TVB drama: Pages of Treasure (Wayne Lai)

December 11: Celsius' Birthday! Leon Lai's Birthday too!

December 13: Bosco Wong's Birthday!

December 15: Xiah Junsu's Birthday!

December 16: Gallen Lo's Birthday!

December 19: Frankie Lam's Birthday!

December 21: Francis Ng's Birthday!

December 22: Emil Chow's Birthday!

December 25: Merry Christmas!

December 28: Mike He's Birthday!

December 30: Mimi Lo's Birthday!

December xx: Fahrenheit's third album is out!

December xx: First School term is over! FINALLY!

AHH~ my favorite month of the year! Fahrenheit's third album and Show's sixth album are coming out in December! WAHHH~ and so many people celebrating their birthdays in December too, including me! Yipppeee! Hahahaa! Wah~ just a few minutes before December 1 arrives! Hopefully, there will be a white christmas this year!

November 27, 2008

Happy Gobble Gobble Day

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Have a happy time gobbling your turkey! Hahahaa! Here I'll dedicate a song to all you readers, affiliates, just everyone out there! Hahaha!

November 26, 2008

GuiLun Thoughts

This couple [GuiLun] is probably the most criticized couple I've ever seen before. The female lead of MIT was voted online. The three choices were Hebe from SHE, Gui Gui from Hey Girl, and Rainie Yang. And of course, Hebe was the top choice. Great news for all those BeBu fans out there. Hahahaa~ in reality, they never actually paired up, I think. It was really the fanfictions and the age old saying of "they look compatible together" that drove fans to support this pairing. Sadly, Hebe was busy so she couldn't participate in MIT. So then Gui Gui who came in second was chosen to take part in MIT, thus creating GuiLun! And then the hating began.

I was against the GuiLun pairing at first, mainly because I had no clue who Gui Gui was. I guess my views on this pair changed after I watched 18 Censor or Not. I was impressed by the girl who played Xia Nian Qiao and I found out that she was Xiao Xun from Hey Girl. Yepp, so then I started to watch her other shows, Brown Sugar Macchiato and The Legend of the Brown Sugar Chivalries. So that was how I was exposed to the other Hey Girls, including Gui Gui. Her characters are pretty funny in both shows, though she had a really minor role in Chivalries. Eventually, I started to watch HSHMM. I've come to the conclusion that Gui Gui is one of the weirdest and most energetic person on tv that I know. She's weirder than Hebe! Hahahaa~ they're both really funny!

After watching the first three episodes of Pi Li MIT, I'm just glad that Rainie Yang wasn't chosen for the female role. I don't think she fits the mysterious schoolgirl image. Hebe and Gui Gui are the better choices. And Gui Gui's acting is so far so good. I'm even more impress with Arron's acting. He plays the typical cool guy outside warm guy inside character. Arron does a pretty good job at it! I'm waiting for more GuiLun interactions in the next few episodes! Woo! GuiLun!

Pictures credit to AF Gallery

鬼纶 MV

Credit to GuiLun Fan: beltang

AHH~ I've become a GuiLun fan! Wooo! I never thought I would actually support them because I was a originally a BeBu fan! (Hebe x Arron). By golly, the more I watch Pi Li Mit, the more I support GuiLun! They soo kawaii together! Hehehehee! Guigui is a really playful girl who does weird things! She's so crazy and hyper! Hahahahaaa~

November 25, 2008

TVB Gala 2008

Hahahaa! He's inserting a smiley face! How random is that! This year's show was funny and maybe funnier than last year's show. The show begins with some actors and actresses in English costumes dancing to music. Good music.

The next event was cool. Some trained actors were bouncing on this thing and writing something on the wall. Check it out!

OooO, another dancing event except this time it's hip hop with Liza Wang! Like whoa!!! I'll give her an A for effort. Her dance was okay. She was dancing girls and guys. The girl dancing group did pretty well. The guys on the other hand made mistakes at the beginning. Michael Tse nearly did an incomplete mid air turn. And then they weren't really dance at the same rate. Some people were dancing slower. I don't anyone can match up to the togetherness skills displayed at the Opening Ceremony! Now that was awesome! Hahaha!

The next show was a veterans' show. I guess this is the couples from the past segment of the show. There's four pairs as you can see below. I have no idea why Charmaine and Kevin are in this segment. They're not as "veteran" as the other three pair of veterans.

This was my favorite part of the show! The Three Comedians: Johnson Lee, Louis Yuen, and Wong Cho Lam! They came on stage impersonating Three Golden Flowers with a "cardboard figure with someone's face on it". HAHAHAA! That was smart. Their second act was Johnson Lee singing a song and Louis shooting a chicken (Wong Cho Lam) in the background! In the third act, the three of them came out as the three main female characters from Moonlight Resonance and rapped about Sonia's Deep V making them go crazy. HAHAHAA! Their last act was the three of them singing a revised version of "You and Me". Hahahahaaa~

Mini-Concert with Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, and Patrick Tang! I think they were singing live. Bosco was rapping and dancing. Linda was singing and dancing and so were Myolie and Raymond.

Hehehe! This was the segment that the media criticized the most! I thought this was a pretty funny skit. Three people are interviewed by the MR cast for different positions. The first person is Silly Ma (Eric Tsang) and the person acting as his arms is Charmaine! The second person is Deaf Auntie (Moses Chan) and the person acting as his arms is Christine Ng. Hahaa~ she kept groping his chest! The last person is Bosco Wong and the person acting as his arms is probably Myolie Wu! This skit has the usual pie throwing part and that's why the MR cast is wearing raincoats. Hahahahaa! That's the end!

Discovery #1

Today, I made a SHOCKING discovery. Sike! It's a discovery but not a shocking one, maybe a little surprising. Well, the story begins almost a year ago. I was on the computer and came across a music file named "MLTR- Take Me to Your Heart". So I listened to it and thought it sounded somewhat familiar but I didn't give it a second thought. Today, I was surfing youtube and found out that "Take Me to Your Heart" is an English Cover of Jacky Cheung's "Goodbye Kiss"! I was surprised and felt a bit stupid too. Hahaha! Wow, for a whole year, I didn't know I was listening to an English Version of "Goodbye Kiss".

Original- 吻别(Kiss Goodbye) by Jacky Cheung

English Cover- Take Me To Your Heart by MLTR

November 24, 2008

Arron Yan faces drop-out crisis

source: Liberty Times
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking @

Fahrenheit’s Arron Yan has missed too many lessons at school, and is now facing a drop-out crisis. Coincidentally, his classmate Wilson Chen Bo Lin is also facing the same situation. Yesterday morning just before 8, the 2 were accompanied by their parents and had a long talk with the dean – Mr Chan, for half an hour. He was touched by the sincerity they showed, and hence let them remain at school. However, after only attending 2 classes, the 2 immediately left school!

Leaves school after only 2 lessons

According to sources, Arron was very scared about having to drop-out of school and he did not sleep for the whole night. In the morning, he, his father and his manager Li Jia Zhen headed to the university. After entering the classrom, Arron’s dad and manager talked with Mr Chan for a long time, and all their faces looked very serious indeed.

When classes started, Arron, Wilson and 5,6 other students had 2 hours of english lesson. After this, they headed to the dean’s office, along with Arron’s dad, Arron’s manager and Wilson’s mother. After about half an hour, they came out, however both Arron and Wilson did not go back to their lessons, but rather left school.

Accompanied by parents, serious talk with dean for half an hour

So what did they talk about inside the dean’s office? Mr Chan expressed, that this term, both Arron and Wilson have missed many lessons, and did not hand in their assignments, hence they faced the crisis of dropping out. However, after talking with Arron’s dad and Wilson’s mother, he felt they showed a lot of sincerity, and both parties also promised that they would catch up and hand in any overdue assignments. Mr Chan said, “Everything will go by the rules.” He illiterated that he is the only teacher to do this job, and does not want to deliberately make things difficult.

Bobby Dou needs to make-up extra credits, Ming Dao also facing drop-out crisis

As for classmates Ming Dao and Bobby Dou, Mr Chan expressed that Bobby only needs to make up the extra credits, his absences won’t affect his schoolwork. However, Ming Dao who is currently in China has not come to school yet and Mr Chan said he is waiting for his “sincerity”. Ming Dao’s manager Li Shi Xiang expressed, “During his free time from filming, he will go to school.”

And as for why both Arron and Wilson left after only 2 lessons, Arron replied, “In the afternoon, I have to catch a flight, and go to Guang Zhou to film ad.” His manager also helplessly expressed that because Arron is part of Fahrenheit, many events require all 4 of them to attend. Wilson however said, “I just want to go outside to buy some stuff la!” and left with his mother.

Like WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! It's tough to be a celebrity and go to school. Don't drop out, Arron!!!

November 23, 2008

Calvin Wants to Cut up Wu Chun's Clothes, Fahrenheit Willing to be Scratch

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

For their fans, Calvin wanted to cut up Wu Chun’s clothes?

When asked by the OVB reporters on whether they would take off their clothes during the concert because of the hot weather in Singapore, Wu Chun said: [Actually during the concert, when we get really HIGH, we would forget everything in that moment. It is possible that we may take it off! Once we are on stage, we are transformed into a different person, not knowing what we are doing ourselves. If the heavy and thick clothing cannot be taken off…then we will just rip it off!] The other two broke out in laughter upon hearing this.

Calvin also said that actually some of the clothes for the concerts were already washed to the point of being somewhat “sexy”. Furthermore, there were a lot of white shirts which would probably become “transparent” that day. It appeared that the effect of being thinly veiled was the sexiness that Fahrenheit wanted to show. In the end, Calvin teased Wu Chun: [Before the show starts, maybe I should bring a pair of scissors and cut a couple more holes into Wu Chun’s clothing.]

[Fahrenheit had already released two albums but a lot of people was still wondering and had suspicions toward how Fahrenheit could give a concert. However we (Fahrenheit) had been in the business for three years already, so we hope to receive affirmation for all our hard work and determination.] – Arron Yan

That’s right. This was Arron Yan’s sincere reply during the press conference for the [Fahrenheit Fantasy Concert]. Although missing one member of the four, Fahrenheit announced their concert in Singapore would be held on December 19th, not only would make their fans crazy but also allowing the Singaporean media to see Fahrenheit’s improvement and diligence.

Fahrenheit Willing to be Scratch by Fans

To set Hong Kong as the first stop of their concert tour truly made the four of them extremely apprehensive. During the concert, there were numerous adorable mishaps. Nerves, fear and moving moments all gave Fahrenheit a myriad of mixed emotions. Thinking back to the “thrills” experienced during the Fantasy concert, it was small wonder that to this point, Fahrenheit was still saying: [We are very nervous each time we go on stage.]

In order for their fans to know Fahrenheit better, the four also prepared individual solo segments. Wu Chun in particular had felt deeply because to make his entrance, he had to pull a wire with his hand and flew out from a 3-storey height. If he loosened his grip even slightly would be disastrous. This level of danger made Wu Chun exclaimed: [It was scary!]

Of course, the thrill & chill factor corresponded with the amazement factor. To give a concert that made all the fans stood up from beginning to end, probably only Fahrenheit was capable of doing so. Therefore, Arron Yan’s response to the incident of “being scratched”: [Very touching…actually we are also quite willing to be scratch by them.]

Amazing Revelations of Fahrenheit’s Hotel Rooms

It seemed that normally when they arrived to any hotel, they would compete about who would be the quickest to call Room Service! However, in several occasions, Wu Chun beat them all. There was one time that Wu Chun even ordered all the pumpkin soup available, which led to Calvin exclaiming: [Do you drink it by the barrel?] Actually, the longer the four of them were together, other than their relationship became even better, even many of their habits became similar!

In their hotel rooms, all four had their individual differences. Mr. Nice Guy Wu Chun liked his room neat and tidy, so that he would feel relaxed in it. As for Arron Yan, he said: [My room is probably the messiest. If I am tired upon returning to my room, I would throw my clothes everywhere. In the end, the next morning, I would find myself sleeping in the midst of a pile of clothing.]

Yet it was Jiro Wang’s room that was most interesting! Because Jiro liked brightly colored boxers but he did not like having Room Services to clean his room, so the result was the underpants inside the room would “flutter” like national flags.

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and news source

HAHAHAHAHA! WTH~ Jiro and his "flags"! Aww, don't scratch Fahrenheit! That's not nice, it might leave a scar or something. Hahahaa! And Calvin! When did he become so darn funny!!!! Don't worry, Calvin! I'll lend you a pair of scissors if you forget to bring yours! Hahaha!

By the way, Fahrenheit's third album is coming out approximately in Decemeber! I LOVE DECEMBER! Hahahaha!

Fahrenheit Can't Stop Eating

Note: Please credit jastan87 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

(Singapore news) The 3 members of Fahrenheit, Wu Zun, Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen arrived in Singapore last week for their ‘Fahrenheit’s Fantasy World Tour’ promotion, in the short span of 48 hours, their schedule was packed with interviews, autograph session, fans gathering and eat, eat, eat!

The reporter brings you to look at Wu Zun, Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen behind-the-scene, watch ‘competitive eater’ Wu Zun show his talent, watch ‘air-conditioner’ Aaron Yan act cool, ‘spokesperson’ Calvin Chen just kept talking!

The reporter arrived at the hotel just before the autograph session in the afternoon to have an interview with Fahrenheit, the 3 of them who reached in the morning looked energetic after getting their rest, the reporter said, “You guys must be tired since you took the morning flight?” Aaron Yan even said a cold joke as a greeting gift, “Morning flight (chicken) is rather nice to eat!” When everyone was frozen due to the joke, he still had a happy look on his face, he really won!

Reporter wants them to draw what would come into their mind when they thought of ‘fantasy’, Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen looked reluctant and said, “I really don’t know how to draw…” however they still tried their best to draw, Calvin Chen peaked at Aaron Yan’s drawing while drawing his own, and taunted, “Your drawing skills really isn’t that good!” Wu Zun on the other hand thought for a long while before starting. In the end, they drew their ‘Fantasy’ concert, the promotion is indeed the top most important!

Which type of girls will make them fantasize?

Aaron Yan, “Wearing apron to cook. Because it’s very sexy, especially girls like Angelina Jolie.”

Wu Zun, “The look when girls are doing things seriously it is also very mesmerizing.”

Calvin Chen, “When girls flick their hair.”

At this point, Wu Zun flicked his hair in a sexy manner and said, “Like what I’m doing?”

Calvin Chen was shocked and said, “Like you, I’ll vomit!”

Taste the love from fans

Fans were caring; they worried that their idols might be hungry so they specially sent famous chicken rice from five-star hotel for them. After the interview, the 3 of them happily started eating.

Wu Zun, who loves to eat immediately open the box and started eating after preparing the sauces. Aaron Yan who had not taken his lunch was hungry but he still talked to the camera while eating at the same time, Wu Zun, on the other hand just kept quiet and kept eating. The reporter could not help but asked, “Wu Zun, are you busy?” He bite his rice and argued, “Because can’t talk when eating, this is manners.” Calvin Chen rebutted, “Excuse!”

Actually the 3 of them loves to eat, even under the more than ten pairs of eyes they still ate happily, the reporter asked if someone if to take away the food while they are eating half-way what would they do? Calvin Chen gave a cold laugh and said, “Don’t try to do such a dangerous act so easily!” Aaron Yan followed and said, “Because Wu Zun will become hulk!”

After that sat in the car, the 3 of them continued to eat! This time they are eating the ‘green cake’ (pandan cake) given by the fans. Wu Zun revealed that normally after getting into the car they would listen to songs, read letters from the fans, eat, take photos, play games. If the journey is long? Aaron Yan said, “Then normally we will sleep.” Calvin Chen continued and said, “After waking up we continue to chit-chat and tell cold jokes.”

translated by : jastan87 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and Chinapress
original source :

HAHAHAHAHAAA! These guys are funnyy! I gotta find that video clip. I want to see Chun flick his hair "in a sexy manner." HAHAHAHHAAA~

November 22, 2008

Aaron Yan reveals his hurt from previous relationship; Calvin Chen pesters Wu Zun to introduce Brunei girlfriend

source: chinatimes
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking @

Fahrenheit’s Aaron Yan yesterday celebrated his 23rd birthday, but he expressed that his heart has become cold, and does not want to think about relationships anymore. 1 year ago, his relationship ended because he found out that she was taking advantage of his money, and he lost over 200,000TWD. Hence, in the short-term, he does not want to get into any more relationships, and wishes to put work and friends in front of love; his birthday wish is to buy a sports car.

Aaron expressed that this relationship lasted for 3-4 months, but as he devoted a lot of feelings, he also devoted a lot of money. The opposite party said she wanted a notebook, so he immediately bought her a 7000TWD Hermes-branded notebook. In the end, he realized that she was only with him because he was an artist and had money. Aaron became an “idiot brother” and he revealed that he was indeed very hurt.

Calvin, who’s birthday is on the 10th, also celebrated together with Aaron yesterday. He expressed that turning 28, he really wishes to put marriage first, and have a stable relationship: “I hope I can get married between the age of 28-30, but right now, can’t see the slightest shadow.” Chun added, “I thought I could get married at 25, but now I am already 29 la!” Calvin immediately hung onto Chun and pestered him to introduce a Brunei girl to him, and Chun promised to stick a marriage notice on his fitness center back in Brunei for him, so to let Calvin become a Brunei son-in-law within 2 years.

AHHHH~ POOR YA LUN! Better to know earlier than later that the girl was in for the money only. I hope Arron will bump into someone that will be true to him and understand him because he's kinda deep, thought-wise. If he wasn't a superstar, I bet he would become a great insightful writer. His blog entries are well written with loads of PASSION. On a side note, Calvin looks geeky with those big black glasses. Hahaha~

November 20, 2008

Ah Bu! 生日快乐!

Oh My Goodness! It's November!
The 20th is marked on my calendar!
What is it that I have to remember?
A dental appointment or a drink with the bartender?
Oh My Goodness! I just remembered!
A birthday wish for a special member.

Okay, that was failed poem. Hahaha! Anyways, it's Arron Yan's 23rd Birthday! Yayayayayay! I think this year was awesome for Arron. First, there's that very successful concert in Hong Kong which I wish I could have gone to. Unfortunately, I live on the other side of the globe and could watch the concert via Youtube. Thank Goodness for Youtube. Second, his drama, Pi Li MIT, has finally aired earlier this November! I have to say I'm super duper impressed with his acting. Hey, sorry Food King [Wu Chun], but I think Arron will surpass him in acting abilities, well I hope. Haha!

Happy Birthday, Arron! Cheers to 23 years of hardwork and life! Life is tough but you have to hang in there! Don't give up easily, Arron! Even though your knee is injured at the moment, you are still the Arron Yan! So don't be sad be glad! Have a Merry Happy Birthday, YaLun! Cheers to many more birthdays in the future! Support Pi Li MIT! WOOO!

~Happy 23~
Happy Birthday, Arron!
Happy Birthday, Yan!
Happy Birthday, Arron Yan!
Happy Birthday, Yan, Arron!
Happy Birthday, Ya Lun!
Happy Birthday, Yan Ya Lun!
Happy Birthday, Ah Bu!
Happy Birthday, 007!
Happy Birthday, Wu Geng Li!
Happy Birthday, 吳庚霖!
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday, Arron!
Happy Birthday, Yan!
Happy Birthday, Arron Yan!
Happy Birthday, Yan, Arron!
Happy Birthday, Ya Lun!
Happy Birthday, Yan Ya Lun!
Happy Birthday, Ah Bu!
Happy Birthday, 007!
Happy Birthday, Wu Geng Li!
Happy Birthday, 吳庚霖!
Happy Birthday,

Pictures from AF Gallery and FahrenheitGloba1

November 19, 2008

Arron Yan's cellphone up for sale; forgets to delete intimate photo of him & GuiGui

source: UDN
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking @

Recently, “Pi Li MIT” are selling their props, Aaron Yan’s cellphone in the drama auctioned for over 20,000TWD, however he forgot to delete all the phone numbers and photos, and one of the photos was an intimate one of GuiGui embracing him from behind. After the broadcasting station was informed, they immediately deleted it.

GuiGui does not avoid to say that she and Aaron have a good relationship. The 2 would often use their cellphones to take pictures of themselves, and even her computer table is full of photos with Aaron. However, GuiGui expressed, “In the drama, of course I have feelings towards him, however after filming, the feelings are withdrawn la! He likes girls like Rainie Yang, only thinks of me as a child.” Tomorrow is Aaron’s birthday and GuiGui said she wants to buy a suit to give him, but she’s afraid that she might get the size wrong, so she will give him a cake instead.

Xiao Gui is also rumoured to be with GuiGui for over half a year now. According to sources, during “Pi Li MIT” promotions, if one of “Double Gui” were not present, then they would phone each other, and their way of talking sounded like they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Earlier, “Pi Li MIT” were promoting in Taipei, and as soon as GuiGui saw Xiao Gui, she immediately ran up to him and hugged him.

Yesterday, Xiao Gui’s manager Zheng Feng expressed, “This is to stir-up news to promote the drama right? They’ve already been rumoured before, has already been clarified la.” He explained that their so-called warm feelings is because once during filming, they finished too late, and Xiao Gui was worried about GuiGui’s safety, so he drove her home. Zheng Feng emphasized that it is impossible for Xiao Gui and GuiGui to be together: “Xiao Gui once said, GuiGui is not his dish la.”

November 15, 2008



Congratulations to all the winners tonight! I'm super happy with this year's award list! People finally got the recognition they deserve!

Best Actor: Ha Yu

Best Actress: Michelle Yim

Best Supporting Actor: Wayne Lai

Best Supporting Actress: Tavia Yeung

Favorite Male Character: Raymond Lam

Favorite Female Character: Louise Lee

Most Improved Actor: Wong Cho Lam

Most Improved Actress: Nancy Wu


GuiLun Yeaaaa~

GuiLun~ So Kawaii! Hahaha! I want a Pi Li MIT 2 too!

Double Gui drink and get drunk! One is turning red. The other starts to talk nonsense.

The true purpose of a birthday cake is revealed!

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAA! GuiLun are sitting next to each other in the car!

November 14, 2008

炎亚纶 唱 '如果你也听说'

AWESOMEEE! I wanna sway to his singing too! Hahaha! Ah~ I like those pink things floating around in the screen.

Aaron arrives late for his & GuiGui's date

source: Liberty Times
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking @

Aaron & GuiGui have become good friends since filming. In the past, GuiGui has been seen eating ramen and going to watch movie together with Yoga Lin. Now, the male lead has changed to Aaron. Yesterday, GuiGui and Aaron met up to watch a movie together, but Aaron was late, and arrived wearing sunglasses after the movie had already began for 3 minutes. GuiGui quickly urged him to go inside, and as he was late, Aaron did not dare to say anything, like a little kid who had done something wrong, and they entered the cinema in the dark.

After the movie finished, Aaron and GuiGui went to the booksore, and from time to time, GuiGui would caringly ask him, “Have you found the book you want yet?” Afterwards, the 2 got into a taxi and arrived at the “Sha Wu Li” restaurant on Da An Road to eat dinner. They even invited Xiao Gui and FanFan to be lightbulbs and join them. As soon as the food arrived, Aarron who was starving, immediately started to eat hot pot standing up, surprising onlookers.

They had not even finished eating yet, and already they were planning what to do next. GuiGui voiced her opinion first saying she wanted to go sing KTV, but FanFan did not seem too enthusiastic about that, so she gave up on the idea. Then, Xiao Gui joked to the female staff, “How about we ask Wu Zun to come to drink with us?” The female staff happily replied yes, but Xiao Gui laughed and said, “How is that possible!”

Wahhh! Guilun very cool ah! Ahahahaha~Yalun looks very kawaii with that hat! Hmm...wonder what movie they watched...

November 11, 2008

Hackan wants to perform with Fahrenheit


Hacken Lee attended a press conference yesterday marking the 9th Anniversary of the establishment of Macao SAR. This year's celebration will be at Macao Sport Stadium on 20th December. Hacken will be performing with Joey Yung, Sammi Cheng, Fahrenheit, Denise Ho, Bosco Wong as well as the Olympic Gold medalist Yang Wei. Hacken revealed that the programme will be decided by the organizer, but he is hoping he would be working with other singers and sport personalities. Hacken told reporter "Apart from Joey, I hardly worked with other singers. For example, the Fahrenheit. It would me nice if they don't mind working with me. Or if I work with Yang Wei, I will sing a fast song. He can do his gymnastic routine while I do my singing. I wonder if I sing a fast song whether he will be moving faster too."

Speaking about Sire Ma came home empty handed following the "Miss International Beauty Pageant", Hacken responded "Sire has lost because of her petite body. But the most important thing is she has gained valuable experience in an international event."

I Love Taiwan Idol Dramas!

Thank you so much! Thank you for saving my drama life! Hey TVB, I'll see you after my little vacation with Taiwan's Idol Dramas! Hehehehe! So, Taiwan Idol Dramas, I think these dramas are amazingly well done. The ones that I'm watching right now have inexperienced actors and actresses but the storyline is good and the dialog is just hilarious! Most of the male/female leads in the dramas are new to acting yet they're actually not that bad at acting at all.

Reasons for loving Taiwan Idol Dramas
- The characters have a lot of funny hallucinations! Hallucinations are a must in these dramas. You hardly see these in TVB dramas.
- The OSTs! These dramas usually have OSTs unlike TVB. TVB has some drama OSTs but not a lot.
- The male/female leads are probably new people that you've never seen before yet their acting is pretty solid. Unlike TVB, where a handful of actors/actresses appear in drama after drama after drama. It's like TVB ran out of people to lead their dramas.
- Most of the Taiwan dramas has high school as a theme. Most of TVB's characters work in some office or cubicle. They hardly have any school theme series.

Favorites (not in any order):
- 18 Censor or Not: Hilarious High School Comedy
- My Lucky Star: Excellent Storyline with Passion
- Brown Sugar Macchiato: Hilarious High School Comedy
- Bull Fighting: Memorable Quotes with Words of Wisedom
- Pi Li MIT: High School Mystery

* I miss high school. :(

November 10, 2008

TVB Failing

Yesterday's post sounds rather depressing. Hahaha! I try to calm myself down by watching dramas. That's how I keep my sanity. But lately, TVB is failing me. I'm not getting that hyped up about these shows anymore. Heck, I'm not even watching the "When Easterly Showers Falls on the Sunny West " because I dislike that period. The costumes and hairstyles are just not my cup of tea.

The new sitcom, Off Peddler, is funny but it's nothing like Best Selling Secrets. In Best Selling Secrets, nearly every episode had a point to prove. So far, Off Peddler is showing me that Teresa Mo's character can solve problems.

  • Magazine deadline is tomorrow but the blueprint is not finished. No worries, she solved that.

  • Need to get an interview with a low profile businessman. No worries, she solved that too.

  • Deparment running out of much needed talented staff. No worries, she's got a great eye for talented people.

Woo! She can solve problems. That's pretty much the storyline right now.

Gem of Life is where I place my hope on. It's a very very long series! 80 episodes! Hopefully, it doesn't lose its momentum halfway through the show like most long series do. There two reasons I'm watching this show. The first is the cast. GOL has a really glamorous cast with a handful of MR people. Moses' character is pretty interesting to watch. He seems like a good boy and a bad boy at the same time. Hahaha! The second reason is because this Gigi's last series! I can't believe she's really leaving this industry after so many years. Good health to her brother! Even though I have hope for GOL, I'm still not getting that hype that I usually get from watching TVB dramas. I'm longer squealing for the next episode to come out. This is a time where Taiwan idol dramas come to save my drama life.

Getting pregnant when ratings break 5, GuiGui says, "No!"

Sunday November 10, 2008 Taiwan
Source: Chinatimes Showbiz
Translated by: Elaineo2 @

GuiGui said that if the ratings for Pi Li MIT breaks 5, she will get pregnant. (Lol, it wasn't her who said it!) On the 9th Nov, Yan Ya Lun, Gui Gui and Xiao Gui attracted numerous fans on their bicycles. During the event, GuiGui changed her mind, and refused in English saying, "No! No!" Xiao Gui who loves teasing her immediately exclaimed loudly, "You want to get pregnant with the artiste, NoNo!". The more GuiGui tried to explain, the worse things got, resulting in her not knowing to laugh or to cry.

Yan Ya Lun and GuiGui are known to be conscious of their appearances, but the weather yesterday didn't comply. There was a downpour yesterday, and as they had to ride their bicycles in the rain, both of them were drenched, ruining their makeup and hair. GuiGui kept worrying that her false eyelashes would fall off, and Yan Ya Lun consoled himself by hoping that ratings will flourish. (He said a phrase related to water, thus the rain)

Pi Li MIT had to re-film once, and after last friday's episode was aired, quite a few netizens found that Fan Wei Qi's hairstyle and makeup doesn't match in some scenes. FanFan herself was also at home playing this game of "spot the differences", she said, "I paid very close attention to see if there were loopgoles and in the end I realised that my hairstyle kept changing." GuiGui replied, "We have no idea the end product will be like when we are filming, its only when the show has aired on tv that we know what the storyline really is."

November 09, 2008

Lost in the World

From Zazzle

I'm feeling lost in this world. I've lost my sense of direction and I think many people feel this way in their first year of college. In elementary school, everyday was just do the homework, play, study, and watch TV. I didn't really think about the future much; it was just a matter of doing well in school so I could go to the next grade. Then comes junior high school where things got a little tough. It was the first time I flunked a test. Yepp! It was pretty dishearting looking at that test paper. Hehehe! So junior high school was just a waiting period to go to high school. Now this is where things got nastier. Staying up till 12 completely projects became a ritual. Back in elementary and junior high, the latest I probably stayed up to was 10:00 pm.

Yea...anyway, high school was where thoughts about future paths was on my mind everyday. What the heck am I going to do with the rest of my life? There's no more definite path to take after high school. Some people choose to go to college; some decide to join the army or navy; others immediately join the workforce with only a high school dipolma. I chose the college path but this college path branches out into even more paths. Right now, I feel like I'm at a cross section. There's just so many paths; I don't know which one to go to. I'm afraid of making the wrong choice. That's the real fear. The wrong choice.