October 04, 2008

The Four

Mr. Chu Got Chin Orr - Dominic Lam

He is the big guy behind The Four. Without him, The Four would not exist. Dominic does a good job playing him. But he looks really weird with the blue costume up there. I prefer him in regular peasant clothes.

Mo Ching - Raymond Lam

The Four all have the same hair yet Mo Ching's hair style seems much more attractive then the other three. He is a master of brains, secret weapons, and wheelchair. His wheelchair is really cool. There's so many hidden weapons in his chair. His chair is like a Swiss Army Knife.

Tit Sau - Kenneth Ma

He's a young man with iron strength arms and a sense of justice. Nothing outstanding of this character. Maybe later in the series, his family background will make things a bit more interesting.

Jui Ming - Sammul Chan

This guy is an optimistic crackhead. He makes me laugh sooo much! He's a master of disguise, and master of "flying".

Lang Huet - Ron Ng

He's the ancient Tarzan. He's been raised by wolves ever since his parents died. He's a master of swords and a master of pain.

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