October 08, 2008

DBSK and Fahrenheit at ASF

FLH (Farenheit) attended the 2008 Asian Music Festival (in which DBSK won best artist! congrats boys) and during the midst of FLH's Chu Shen Ru Hua performance, the mikes broke down. However, the fans were still supportative and backstage, DBSK found the FLH boys and congratulated them on their performance despite the technical difficulties. FLH's Jiro also told DBSK that when DBSK went to Taiwan for a concert, FLH went to see their show despite the typhoon. FLH also invited DBSK to visit Taiwan again and perform there again.

source: fangirlmitz
credit: ChinaTimes,
credit: AF Forum
rough translation by: friend of bl00_4ng31@dbsg

WHOOOAAAA! Taiwan + Korea! What an awesommeee surprise!

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