October 07, 2008

Chun and Charlene do fashion photo shoot; intimate actions revealed

source: sina.com Sun
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking@asianfanatics.net

Chun and Charlene do fashion photo shoot; intimate actions revealed!

Butterfly Lovers” is airing soon, and lately Chun and Charlene have been attending a variety events to help promote their movie, and their rumours are getting more and more fiery. Everytime they appear with their hands or arm linked together, fans will scream non-stop. Facing this atmosphere, the 2 not only do not avoid this, but even specially went to take some intimate photos together while in Hong Kong, to help promote “Butterfly Lovers”.

Magazine agencies and media fight for their photos

Chun and Charlene are both very popular in the entertainment industry, but even more, they are the pampered pets in the fashion and advertisment world. Chun’s handsome face, tall good body, and his sunshine nature, along with Charlene’s pure and sweet smile have won over many fans’ support. Ever since the 2 accepted the movie “Butterfly Lovers”, many magazine agencies have invited the 2 to shoot magazine covers and spreads, but both of them have their own movies and concerts to keep them busy, so they did not have time to do much photos.

Although Chun and Charlene could not come to Beijing and Shanghai to do photo shoots, but to co-operate with promoting “Butterfly Lovers”, the 2 took a batch of fashion photos in Hong Kong, to satisfy the needs of Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. However, even before the photos were finished, there were already tons of media and fashion industry executives phoning to buy the right to publish the photos, and this caused some chaos. After Chun and Charlene were informed of this news, they replied, “If we had known earlier that we were so popular, we would’ve taken more batches, to prevent the media from fighting with each other.”

Chun and Charlene: best on-screen couple

From this batch of photos, it’s not hard to see their good understanding of each other, and compatibility; it is very surprising that this is their first time they have worked together. Something worth mentioning is that these batch of photos have been designed by the magazine agency to print the words “Boyfriend, Girlfriend”. Plus, with their close, ambiguous actions, they are really a happy modern version of “Butterfly Lovers”.

Chun and Charlene since filming “Butterfly Lovers”, from unfamiliar to familiar, from bumpy to good friends, one movie has turned them into “best on-screen couple”. During filming, Charlene revealed that because of Chun, she found the feeling of first love back, “Everytime I see Chun’s deep soulful expression from his eyes, I cannot help but blush!” Charlene shyly recalled. Facing rumours, the 2 have never avoided, whether it is playfully bickering at the filming scene or attending promotion events together hands/arms linked together, Chun and Charlene use a different style to prove their innocent and pure friendship. Charlene even expressed, “After entering the industry for so long, what type of storm have I not seen! If rumours will help our movie, then of course I won’t mind.”

Whaaaaa! Do you think they match? I think they match! Hahahaha~ best on screen couple! We'll see if that's true when the movie comes out, but looking from their offscreen chemistry, it's probably true. Their movie is coming out next year I think! It's going to be one sad movie...

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