October 18, 2008

Celsius' Entertainment Update

College work. College Test. College Projects. College Essays. I hate writing essays the most! I had to pause updating because of two midterms, two essays, and one quiz. Anyway, enough about school stuff, time for some entertainment time!

1) The Four - This series had a good start but it's getting a bit boring but the ending preview is one big cliffhanger. The cases are becoming boring! The zombie case was the best. I jumped when I saw that "dead" lady suddenly wake up! Gosh, that one scene proves that I'm easy to scare. Hahaha! I love the interactions between Ray and Samuel! They're such a funny pair! It seems that Samuel is the only one that can get Ray to tell a cold joke! Haha! Kenneth on the other pair, played a really boring character. I felt so bored watching his scenes. I think Kenneth does a better job playing a funny guy than a serious guy. And by golly, that leaf blowing scene was so well done! It showed the four of them chilling on grass and blowing leaves at one another! Such a placid and relaxing scene!

2) The Last One Standing- This drama is okay. The music is kinda spooky and some of the scenes are really dark. Roger and Kevin both did a good job in this series. Roger's character is a psycho! A very scary one! He's so obsessed with this one word, family! Kevin is in danger because Roger believes that Kevin took his family away. Roger is so going to take revenge on Kevin! His heart is black!

1) 18 Censor Or Not- OMG! What a great series! Everything about this series is sooo awesome! This show aired around the same time as My Lucky Star and it got pretty high ratings. It's about a group of students placed in an "experiment" class. Previously, the classes were unisex. Now, the "experiment" class will be the first class to have both females and males students. This series takes you on the most hilarious and magical high school senior years of four girls and four guys! Another plus is the OST for this show! It's so darn awesome!

2) Hot Shot - What a ridiculously hilarious series! Almost everything here is 110% exaggerated Show Luo's character is such a crackhead! He says the weirdest things at the wrong moments! He's a weirdo. Jerry's character, on the other hand, is the opposite. He says the right things at the right moments. Plus, he's one of the best basketball players in Taiwan and the son of some rich guy. As for Wu Chun, he's more of a guest star than a third male lead. He hardly shows up for more than 10 minutes in each episode.

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