September 28, 2008

Fahrenheit Concert Clips

Fahrenheit HK Concert - Uptown Girl

Fahrenheit HK Concert - Ti Amo with Arron on Piano

Fahrenheit HK Concert - Chao Xi Huan Ni

Fahrenheit HK Concert - One Person Wandering with Jiro on Guitar

Fahrenheit HK Concert - Heng Xing

Fahrenheit HK Concert - Calvin Special

Videos Credit to Gloria OTR and Neverfocus

WHOA! Go Fahrenheit! They've improved!!!! I'm soo happy now I can go to one of their concerts! What huge improvement they made! I was soo surprised when they sang Uptown Girl! Their English is not bad in that performance! AND oh my, Calvin loooks great with shorter hair! And oh my, their hair seems different! They each have some color streak down the center of their hair! Jiro has a red one. Arron has a purple one. Chun has a goldenish one. Calvin...I can't see the color. HAHAHAA! I wish I could teleport then I could go their concert! AHHHH~ going to some more clips..

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