September 18, 2008

Epic Battle Scene In MR

Episode 34 was awesome! It had one of the best "battle scenes". Jo Bao shot down all the villains! Go Jo Bao! Dang, what a battle! Jo Bao reveals Ah Yuen's secret to everyone. One time in Thailand, Ah Yuen accidentally killed someone while driving under the influence of drugs. Jo Bao knows that if Ah Hung decides to report the crime, Ah Yuen would have to spend two years in jail.

Hero Jo Bao will buy a house next to the jail and wait for Ah Yuen's release!

Hor Ma and the crew supporting Ah Yuen.

Here comes the "bullets"! And the first to get shot down by Jo Bao is...

Ah Hung! She's going to jail for teaching Ah Yuen to lie to the police.

This guy is next. He's going to jail for battery because he punched Jo Bao causing the latter to temporarily lose eye sight.

This dude is next and he deserves this one! He's going to jail for stealing money from the company.

She's going to jail for forging documents.

These four villains totally got shot down by Jo Bao. They couldn't even retaliate! Go Jo Bao! The celebration after this epic battle was even better! Hor Ma and her crew and Jo Bao whistle "The Moon Represents my Heart" and that tune somehow traveled miles and miles and into Ah Ka's hospital room.

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