September 29, 2008

JSG Moonlight Resonance Solos

Fala Chen - Ice Cream

Not bad!

Raymond Lam - 愛不疚

Awwww, look at him! He looks like a little kid who just got out of school!

Moonlight Resonance: Ray-Linda MV

MR just doesn't die out! I miss my daily does of MR!

"Moonlight Resonances" Competes for 18 Awards in TVB Anniversary

"Moonlight Resonances" Competes for 18 Awards in TVB Anniversary
Sunday September 28, 2008 Hong Kong
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU
Source: apply daily

Each year TVB Siu Sang and FaDan fights for an award in the TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony, which is held on November 15th. Although the nominations has not been released yet, but newspapers has received reliable news that "Moonlight Resonances" will have 18 nominations, the three lead actors in the series Ah Ka (Moses Chan), Jo Bao (Ha Yu) and Goon Ka Jai (Raymond Lam) will be competiting for TV King. As for Yue So Chau (Linda Chung), it has been critcized that her Best Supporting Actress award has been stolen by Ka Mei (Kate Tsui), TVB will depend on the series "Moonlight" for all the awards, the award ceremony will consist of fierce fighting and will definitely be more exciting than the finale of "Moonlight" .

WHERE'S TAVIA?!?!?! She should be in the running for Best Supporting Actress!

September 28, 2008

JSG Moonlight Resonance Full

JSG Part 1

JSG Part 2

JSG Part 3

The Clue Collector

Preview with Eng Subs

It's coming out this Friday!

Fahrenheit Concert Clips

Fahrenheit HK Concert - Uptown Girl

Fahrenheit HK Concert - Ti Amo with Arron on Piano

Fahrenheit HK Concert - Chao Xi Huan Ni

Fahrenheit HK Concert - One Person Wandering with Jiro on Guitar

Fahrenheit HK Concert - Heng Xing

Fahrenheit HK Concert - Calvin Special

Videos Credit to Gloria OTR and Neverfocus

WHOA! Go Fahrenheit! They've improved!!!! I'm soo happy now I can go to one of their concerts! What huge improvement they made! I was soo surprised when they sang Uptown Girl! Their English is not bad in that performance! AND oh my, Calvin loooks great with shorter hair! And oh my, their hair seems different! They each have some color streak down the center of their hair! Jiro has a red one. Arron has a purple one. Chun has a goldenish one. Calvin...I can't see the color. HAHAHAA! I wish I could teleport then I could go their concert! AHHHH~ going to some more clips..

Fahrenheit Concert Clips

Fahrenheit - Their Arrival

Fahrenheit Concert Clip 9/27/08

Fahrenheit's Hong Kong concert; Chun gets his left and right shoes mixed up

source: UDN
translated by:

After entering the entertainment industry for nearly 3 years, Fahrenheit chose Hong Kong to hold their concert and show the world that they do have talent, in the aim to change everyone’s impression that they use looks and constant rumors with girls to be where they are now. Fans screamed non-stop at the 4 handsome guys, and the amazing performances they gave, however at one point, Chun got his left and right shoes mixed up, and it looked a bit awkward when he was thrusting his sword out.

On the 26th and 27th, Fahrenheit held 2 concerts at the Hong Kong Expo, and attracted over 20,000 fans. The 4 are already very popular in Hong Kong, and this time, tickets were sold out very fast. In the 2 nights, fans yelled till their voices were hoarse; the 4’s charm and hotness dazzled everyone, and they had a total of 6 outfits during the concert, but surprisingly they did not reveal too much skin.

There was huge momentum on the stage and special effects continued non-stop; it really was an amazing show. Fahrenheit entered the stage wearing ‘Final Fantasy’ outfits, waving their light swords. Then when the atmosphere changed, they began singing slow songs. Then balloons were released, and this warmed up a romantic atmosphere, and even Aaron, who is scared of heights joined his fellow brothers and they sat on a machine, which rose to 5-stories high.

Fahrenheit seemed to want to break their “flower vase” image, as they together formed a band to show off their musical talents. Aaron played the keyboard, Jiro played the guitar, Chun played drums and Calvin showed off his beat-boxing skills. Jiro, whos knee was still injured, gave an outstanding performance as he played both an electric guitar, and a wooden guitar. Aaron played the keyboard, and at the same time, sung a duet with Jade Liu. Fahrenheit also arranged a retro-style part of the concert, where they sung old traditional songs, and danced wistfully.

During the concert, Chun had a flying scene, and he dresses up as a black warrior, one hand hanging onto the wire, and the other hand waving a samurai sword. It was only 8 seconds, but it cost a massive 500,000$TW. After this, he combined martial arts and performed a sword dance, but then it was noticed that he had got his left and right shoes mixed up, and this impeded him from performing even better.

After the concert, Fahrenheit said, “We waited 3 years, and now we have finally achieved our dream. We have worked really hard to prepare for this concert, thank you to everyone who has accompanied us on the journey to achieve our dream.” Charlene Choi, Chun’s dad and Chun’s brother all came along to the first concert to cheer them on, and the site was surrounded by the media, causing disturbance.

I spy Calvin's Short Hair!

September 27, 2008

The Last of Moonlight Resonance

Isn't this a cool way to fastward time! It fits with MR's mooncake theme.

The last gathering...

Ah~the good ole days...

Hmmm...Goon Ga Jai got a new hair style!

So did she! She looks much better in the JSG special MR show.

Looks like everyone is getting a new hair cut...

Except for Ah Yuen...I bet he can make a ponytail with that hair

The Sidekicks!

Perfect! OooO, Tavis looks pretty! I hope you get an award this year, Tavia!

My favorite characters in MR!

-tears- no more MR to watch!

September 25, 2008

Fahrenheit Updates

Fahrenheit - Heng Xing

Fahrenheit - Treasure

Fahrenheit - Crush on You/Ai Dao

September 21, 2008

Here Comes The End

Oh no! Only two episodes left of Moonlight Resonance! What am I going to do? This has been such an awesome series! My whole family has been mesmerized by this series!

Mop the floor? Sure, after we watch MR.
Clean the dishes? Sure, after we watch MR.
Laundry? Sure, after we watch MR.
Throw the garbage? Sure, after we watch MR.
Do homework? Sure, after we watch MR.
The answer to everything is now "Sure, after we watch MR. "

So sad! Only 2 episodes left... -sniff sniff-

September 19, 2008

Hilarious Moment #2

This was from an earlier episode in MR! HAHAHAA! Ah Ka is such a joker! This is perfect for April Fools Day!

Fahrenheit: Raising Temperatures

source: asianbite
credit: thesundaily, AF

Following the phenomenal success of the Taiwanese group F4, a new iconic group has been sweeping fans off their feet around Asia.

Fahrenheit, comprising Aaron Yan, Wu Zun, Calvin Chen and Jiro Wang, is currently one of the hottest Chinese acts in the entertainment scene and is known as the ‘super boy band of the new millennium’.

The boys released their self-titled debut album in September 2006, and have been enjoying a roller-coaster ride to stardom ever since, with award-winning albums, highly-rated television drama series, multi-million endorsements and upcoming movies.

They were the first new foreign boy band to win bronze (third placing) for Best Group at the Hong Kong TVB8 Awards and quickly conquered even the non-mainstream Chinese territories such as Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Korea.

Fahrenheit became the second Taiwanese boy band, after its predecessors F4, to hold a concert in Indonesia with only just one album released. The boys have also held mini concerts in Medan, North Sumatra and in Hong Kong And even fans from as far away as North America and Europe are sitting up and taking notice.

Last year, Fahrenheit held two concerts, one in Hong Kong and the other in Guangzhou and now, they are coming to Malaysia.

Fahrenheit’s Fantasy World Tour Live in Malaysia 2008 is scheduled to kick off on Nov 15, 2008 at Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Organised by Big Events, a ticket pre-sale event will be held at Sungai Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur tomorrow.

Fans who buy tickets within the first three hours (1pm to 3pm) stand the chance to win a 3-day, 2-night trip to Hongkong in a lucky draw.

In addition, there will also be interactive games played on stage with concert tickets and other exciting prizes to be won.

A radio station (988), would also be running contests, whereby prizes include concert tickets and the chance to meet the boys in person as well as a fully-paid trip to Hongkong to watch Fahrenheit’s concert there scheduled for Sept 26 and 27.

Fans attending Fahrenheit’s Malaysian concert, which will showcase their individual talents as well as in a group, can expect to be blown away as fun, fun and more fun are promised by the energetic foursome.

After the Malaysian date, Fahrenheit will commence its tour to Singapore before continuing to China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Indonesia.

Their hair...looks...weird...

September 18, 2008

Epic Battle Scene In MR

Episode 34 was awesome! It had one of the best "battle scenes". Jo Bao shot down all the villains! Go Jo Bao! Dang, what a battle! Jo Bao reveals Ah Yuen's secret to everyone. One time in Thailand, Ah Yuen accidentally killed someone while driving under the influence of drugs. Jo Bao knows that if Ah Hung decides to report the crime, Ah Yuen would have to spend two years in jail.

Hero Jo Bao will buy a house next to the jail and wait for Ah Yuen's release!

Hor Ma and the crew supporting Ah Yuen.

Here comes the "bullets"! And the first to get shot down by Jo Bao is...

Ah Hung! She's going to jail for teaching Ah Yuen to lie to the police.

This guy is next. He's going to jail for battery because he punched Jo Bao causing the latter to temporarily lose eye sight.

This dude is next and he deserves this one! He's going to jail for stealing money from the company.

She's going to jail for forging documents.

These four villains totally got shot down by Jo Bao. They couldn't even retaliate! Go Jo Bao! The celebration after this epic battle was even better! Hor Ma and her crew and Jo Bao whistle "The Moon Represents my Heart" and that tune somehow traveled miles and miles and into Ah Ka's hospital room.

September 17, 2008

Love With No Regrets MV

MK Sun

Your Class or Mine Episode 18

The soccer team don't have enough players! MK Sun joins the team!

MK Sun hates people who use money to control others! JUSTICE!

"Soccer is not played with money!"

Score: 0-2

You're finally here!

"I have a daughter and we are not blood related. But if someone dares to harm her, I will definitely help her. Because being blood related is not the most important thing, it's the feelings between two people. "

Score: 1-2.

WHOA! MK appeared in episode 18. The director incorporated MK very smoothly into the story. In the Survivor's Law 2, MK was also a soccer fanatic.

September 15, 2008

Tavia Yeung is up to the challenge

Francesca@AF Forum

Tavia Yeung Yi does not shy away from danger to deliver her best on screen.

Manoeuvring a boat rocked by underwater explosions or jumping off a building while fighting suspended on wires is all in a day’s work for Hong Kong actress Tavia Yeung Yi. While stunts like these may be dangerous, none of them caused as much damage as a pair of high heeled shoes.

Long periods of filming all day sashaying around on dainty stilettos when she was filming modern series had put tremendous strain on her spine. The demure actress suffered from an inflammation in the lower back leading to an irregular curvature in her spine.

“The doctor’s advice to me was to stop all activity and take a long break to recuperate. But to stop work totally means no income for me, so I just have to be more careful in the action scenes.”

Her latest TV series has her playing salt trader Dau Sing Suet in Sweetness in the Salt (Sing Suet Yim Jaan, 2008). “There are many action scenes as there is a lot of fighting involved. I enjoy them but I’m also worried that I might hurt my back and aggravate the old injury.”

Yeung also sings the series’ theme song with her co-star Steven Ma Chun Wai, who plays the male lead, Nip Ji Yuen.

The lovely actress vividly recalled some of her most dangerous stunts in Twin of Brothers (Dai Tong Seung Lung Juen, 2004), which was filmed in China during winter.

“It was freezing that night and I was dressed very lightly for temperatures that were likely below zero. It was quite terrifying to be floating about in the waters when the underwater explosion violently rocked the boat.”

Another dangerous stunt saw her running and jumping off a building suspended from a wire, then landing on her feet and unsheathing her sword, all in one single take. “That was extremely difficult to do. I had to do more than a dozen takes.”

With her popularity on the rise, Yeung has been invited to Malaysia many times this year. She has been named the new face of ~H20+ (a sea-derived skincare product) in Malaysia and was in Kuala Lumpur to promote the award-winning series Heart of Greed (Tong Sam Fung Bo, 2007) as well as Moonlight Resonance (Ga Ho Yuet Yuen, 2008), sometimes referred to as Heart of Greed 2 because it features the same cast but tells a different story altogether.

Although she wishes for some villainous roles, she disclosed that the management of ~H2O+ was very glad that she has yet to play a truly wicked character. “I believe I could give a fresh interpretation, the result could be truly out of the ordinary.”

The closest she has gotten to portraying a bad character is model Cheung Man Lai in Heart of Greed, where she turns to smoking and drinking for stress relief and even has an extra-marital affair.

She does not smoke in real life, yet her convincing portrayal of a saucy smoking and drinking character won her new fans. The actress was surprised by the positive response although she is worried that the smoking and drinking would have a negative influence on children.

The actress says that her favourite role to date is Tam Chu Mei, otherwise known as sexy Mimi, in Dicey Business (Dou Cheung Fung Wan, 2006) where she had to wear a padded bra to portray a busty girl. She suggested to the director to give Mimi a speech impediment to make the character more adorable.

It was hailed as her breakthrough role by her steadily increasing number of fans. Where previously she played the innocent girl-next-door types, this role saw her delivering an overtly sexy character for the first time.

Yeung, who recently turned 29, has featured in 45 TV series. Last year, four of the series starring Yeung made it to TVB’s five top-rated dramas. They were Dicey Business, Heart of Greed, On the First Beat and Fathers and Sons.

She was named Actress with the Most Potential at TVS Awards 2006, Next Magazine’s WHY Best Fashion Style Award 2007 and Best Actress in a Drama at Sina’s 10th Macau/Hong Kong Entertainment Awards 2007, among others.

“I enjoy costumed roles but on the other hand modern ones are very relaxed and easygoing. The clothes are simple, and there is no need for heavy costumes. We film in air-conditioned surroundings. It’s all very comfortable, and there isn’t much pressure.

“For costumed roles, the headgear alone is usually very heavy and most times the costumes are quite heavy too. However, I get to experience many different time periods. I’m not very good at history so this gives me the opportunity to learn more. Moreover, I get to dress up in beautiful costumes and have my hair done up nicely.”

Yeung professes to enjoy eating but still manages to remain shapely. “I enjoy most foods, in particular snacks, though I don’t eat candy or chocolate. So, I don’t really find it a chore to lose weight.

She prefers to do things the natural way. “For exercise, I like to jog and play badminton. I also try to eat more fruits and less oily food to keep trim. It may take some effort but it is the healthiest and most lasting way to remain fit.”

OMA! She likes to play badminton too! Wooo! Badminton is the GREATEST SPORT! Watch Moonlight Resonance and support Tavia!!! I love her performance in there! Every time she cries, I must have a box of tissues next to me because I'll cry too... -sniff sniff- I hope she has happy ending with Ah Ka! All hail Moonlight Resonance! (and Tavia!) Hehehe!

Moses Chan and Tavia Yeung will pair up together as an couple to earn money

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: kingkongit27 @ asianuniverse

Moses Chan and Tavia Yeung will pair up together as an couple to earn money

Moses Chan had just arrived back in Hong Kong from doing promotions in Australia. He appeared with Tavia Yeung as an onscreen couple and were very popular there. He said "This was all because of "Moonlight Resonance" that gained me alot. In the future there will be alot of jobs that involve us pairing up together as an couple". Moses smiles and says that Tavia has earned more than him. "After"Heart of Greed" I had brought a property. This time I will wait for the right timing to continue to do property investments. "

Moses appeared at a shopping mall event yesterday. He used 5 minutes to learn how to toss and catch an chinese yoyo (diabolo) which he performed very well. "As long as I practice I can easily learn. I want to learn how to do face changing the most. (Quick Mask shifting opera act)." He expressed that he had been learning magic tricks with his friends in Australia and knows a few to show off to girls.

Dang! He's a fast learner!

Happy Mooncake Day

Better late than never! hehehe! I hope everyone enjoyed their mooncakes yesterday! My cousin bought over those mooncakes the other day. They taste goooood! Hahaha!

September 09, 2008

Butterfly Lovers to premiere


The classic tale, "Butterfly Lovers" goes on screen across China on September 11th. The film is eagerly anticipated by audiences and film critics. Directed by acclaimed Hong Kong director Jingle Ma, the film stars some of the hottest pop icons on the Chinese entertainment scene. They're Wu Zun, Charlene Choi and Hu Ge to name a few.

The story is loosely based on the classical Chinese love tale of the same name. Director Ma has added some touches of his own - like Kung Fu. The film's title is literally translated as “Sword Butterfly”.

Zhu Yanzhi is the daughter of a wealthy family whose fortune comes from the pottery trade. She's vivacious. Her nature is unclouded and she loves to play all day. Life changes when she meets Liang Zhongshan.

Zhu Yanzhi disguises herself as a boy to follow this attractive young man to a school of Kung Fu. Acclaimed Hong Kong action choreographer Ching Siu-tung directs the martial arts sequences.

HAHAHA! Wu Chun's hair looks funny!

September 06, 2008



Arron Working in Japan Gets Yelled At

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley (Please credit or link if this is posted elsewhere)

Fahrenheit's development in Japan has shown success, this May Fahrenheit produced their first Japanese single "Stay with you" in Japan, that day they already stood on ORICON charts, their popularity is also rising as the tide increases. To fight into the Japanese market, Fahrenheit experienced local lifestyle, it was Arron's first as a job worker, not only did he dog sit, a paper delivery boy, made takoyaki (octopus balls), but after the experience he said: "I don't think I have the talent."

Arron's first job in Japan was as a paper delivery person, he arrived first thing in the morning, starting from folding advertisement flyers, at first he wasn't fast enough, causing his hand to be completely covered from the paper ink, then riding on a bike to deliver the paper, feeling it's hard work, he said laughing: "I really don't have much work experience, before in school he was a waiter at the coffee shop, then he became an artist, this times experience will be for all sorts of occupation, with no talent."

Continuing Arron then arrives at a flower shop to learn how to wrap flowers, he watched the store clerk tentatively, he wrapped up a flower bouquet personally for a customer, but was actaully yelled at by the Japanese person, "You've just wrapped all sorts of flowers in a bunch to not look like anything." The most interesting is to help the wealthy dog sit, Arron says, this type of job is really popular in Japan, workers can watch dogs and earn a salary, it was his first time hold onto 4 Golden Retriever dogs all at once to stroll, the small thin him, nearly had the dogs pull him to run, scarying him: "I think I'll be more suitable to raise expensive dogs."

He said at home they have one red poodle, after seeing Jolin having an allergic reaction on the face because of the dog hair, himself vain as usual now has kept the distance with the dog: "He can only sleep at the bottem foot of my bed".

Also Arron was in the Japapenes shrine's takoyaki cart, learning how to make takoyaki, he made a special bubble gum flavor takoyaki, the Japanese comedien artist was willing to try it, causing him to admire and bow: "I'm even reluctant to try, never thought the Japanese comedian is will to go through and eat it, really professional."

OooO! Paper Boy Arron! Arron! Add oil!!!

Louise Lee & cast are shocked by fan who attacks security guards

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: kingkongit27 @ asianuniverse

The cast of "Moonlight Resonance" Louise Lee, Susanna Kwan, Ha Yu, Lee Heung Kam, Chow Chung, Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui etc attended the event "Golden songs welcome Mid Autumn". As well as celebrating the good ratings for the show which reached 37 points, they also celebrated Louise Lee and Chow Chung's (who plays Louise and Susanna's father) birthday and presented them with a big Birthday cake. Ha Yu kissed Louise Lee wishing her Happy Birthday and Susanna kissed Chow Chung who is about to become 76 years old. They both had the same wishes which was to have good health.

When the event was about to end, the cast went off stage and presented the audience with Moon cakes. A mid aged man who took photos with the cast did not want to leave and attacked the security guards. In the end he was carried away. The man was crying and yelling saying he wanted to kill the security guards and complain about the security. The police arrived to calm the man down. Louise Lee said she felt very unhappy that such an incident occured. During the time she was very shocked. She felt that the man attacking the security guards was wrong but then again she was very worried about his safety. The Chinese lunar calender August 13th is her birthday. Since a very young aged she has always advised to delay celebrating her birthday on that date and would rather celebrate the occassion 2 days after. As long as she celebrates Mid Autumn with her family then she will be happy. She hopes she has good health and will become stronger, while accepting more work opportunties. It will be even better if she can stay awake for over 30 hours and have no rest.

Susanna Kwan was also shocked by the male fan. She believes that because he had seen so many faces and crowds he became extremely excited. But she felt he didn't have the intention to harm anyone. As for her revealing she had feelings for her lesbian friend Willy earlier. The reporter said she was very brave in discussing about it. She replied by saying she was not brave and it was just a part of life. Not anything special. She personally doesn't like to lie about things. But she felt she said too much so she will not mention it now. (Asked whether her friend complained?) She laughed "Lets not say anymore".

I hope the ratings break into the 50s! That would be a miracle! I just watched MR episode sad! -sniff sniff-

Charlene takes off her clothes for "Butterfly Lovers", Chun speechless

source: UDN
translated by:

In the upcoming movie “Butterfly Lovers”, Wu Zun had to help Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) do a medical examination to identify whether she is male or female. When Charlene took off her clothes, Chun was quite speechless. When the director yelled ‘Cut!’ Charlene got very nervous and asked Chun, “What did you see?”

The very handsome and hot body Chun, for his first movie “Butterfly Lovers” he broke 3 “first times”. It was the first time he filmed a movie, it was his first time wearing traditional outfit and it was his first time filming a martial arts theme. Chun said, “This year, 2 months before the movie started filming, martial arts guide Chen Xiao Dong was busy with the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympics, and at the same time had to take some time out to teach me martial arts.” When Chun was 18 years old, he had already practiced 3 months of martial arts with some monks, hence his basic skills was not bad. Chen Xiao Dong wanted Chun to specialize in fencing skills and he said that, “To have the sword come out sharply, the focus should be steady and your eyes must be on the target.” Chen Xiao Dong designed 4 major fighting scenes for Chun in the movie. One of them was he had to fight 50/60 people by himself and he says that Chun can match with Keanu Reeves from “The Matrix”.

Action scenes depend on skill, and love scenes depend on feelings. Chun who plays Romeo and Charlene who plays Juliet, from “male, male love” to “male, female love” meet many obstacles on the way. When asked how Chun finds out that Charlene is a girl, he begins to laugh non-stop. When he finally controls himself, he says, “There was one scene when I accidentally saw her take off her clothes. At the time, all the staff and workers were instructed to ‘Turn around’ and it was only the director, film guy and me who was allowed to look while she took off her clothes. After filming that scene, Charlene kept asking me ‘You were looking so closely, what did you see?’ and I said, ‘I didn’t see anything!” Chun’s assistant immediately came to his assistance and said, “Charlene was wearing ‘Little Cuties’ , Chun really did not see anything la.”

(*translator’s note: ‘Little Cuties’ = small singlet)

However, after finishing filming “Butterfly Lovers”, Chun and Charlene have become good friends. Last week Charlene came to Taipei to film a MV, and Chun was happy to do some accompanying. Charlene originally wanted to eat Mala pot at the night markets, but Chun recommended not to, and it was then when they all went to eat at Harlem’s Taiwanese cuisine restaurant instead. Chun, who loves food, ordered a lot of food and was very content afterwards. On the subject of food, Chun said, “When my mother was alive, the thing she worried most about was that I would work too hard and not have time to eat. Now I work hard but I never forget to eat, I do take good care of myself so I want my mother in the heavens, not to worry about me.”

LIKE WHOAAAAAA! This movie should be coming out soooon!