August 02, 2008

T for Touching

Fala's Job Interview

I like laughing a lot.
I want to laugh like normal people.

I remember when I was little
I was scared to laugh.
Even if I saw or heard about really funny things
I would hold back my laughter
because I think
everyone can laugh out loud
But when I laugh, there is no sound.
I think it's really embarrassing.
The same thing goes with crying.

I remember back in 7th grade
I did study for the test
but the result came out to be 52, just passed.
I was really sad, but I was scared of crying.
My brother encouraged me
"If you are really sad, just cry your heart out".
However, a teacher came by.
She saw me crying so hard,
and thought my brother gave me a hard time.
I wanted to explain to the teacher
but she didn't understand my sign language.
As a result, she ordered my brother to stand in the middle of the playground
and made him copy a 100 times
"I would never bully my little sister again".

My brother really loves me a lot.
Actually I think I am very lucky,
I am a mute
but I have a mom and a brother who love me deeply.

What else do I want?
go to college like normal people?
go outside to get a job?

Actually I don't really like to make bread,
my brother is the one who likes to make bread.
I am the one who wants to work outside.

No one knows
really, nobody knows.
Only my brother knows.
No matter what I think,
my brother would know.
I really want this job
Can you guys give me a chance?
I would try my best.

Translated By: Strawberry who teared upon hearing this touching story. This is a really well written script! Kudos to the MR Scripting Team!

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