August 01, 2008

M for Mean

Moonlight Resonance started off with a blast! The first five episodes were so intense and the storyline moved pretty quick too!

However, there is one character that I would really want to punch! I'm pretty sure most of you who are watching this show want to punch her too! It's Ah Sa(Suzanna Kwan)! The auntie whose mouth is full of nasty remarks and specious condolences.

On my "nasty scale", when Ah Sa just came back from Europe, her "nasty rating" was a 3.5 because I thought Jo Pa was worse! But after watching Episode 4, Ah Sa's "nasty rating" became a 6.5! She framed Ah Yuet(Tavia Yeung)! What a b----! I just wanted to beat her up for all the hurtful things she said to Ah Yuet! Dang! That woman don't know when to shut her mouth!

And then comes Episode 5, where my "nasty scale" broke because she's too nasty to be rated.... I hate how she treats everyone like crap and pretends that she's an upper class woman.

Whew! My anger is all out now!

1 comment:

  1. Hey!! I haven't watched Moonlight Resonance yet, and it seems like its pretty good ;D

    Glad to have read your preview :]