August 02, 2008

"Hot Shot" celebrates success of first episode

source: UDN
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Idol drama “Hot Shot” set a new record with the ratings of the first episode. The average rating was 2.79, which is higher than the 2.56 rating of the first episode of “Fated to Love You”.

Yesterday (07/31), the cast celebrated the success of the first episode. Main lead Show Luo, who just returned after celebrating his birthday in Hong Kong, also attended the celebration. Show said that when he was in Hong Kong, there were already many fans asking when “Hot Shot” will air in Hong Kong. This made him feel very happy. Show promised on paper that if ratings break 8, he will blow horns with Zhou Cai Shi, if ratings break 9, Coco and George will jet bounce (?), and if ratings break 10, he and Wu Zun will strip naked.

At the celebration, Show had a parrot and it was very obedient, while standing on Show’s hand and letting everyone take photos. Initially, Show was very nervous about embarrassing himself again, but luckily, the parrot was very obedient. He also hoped that the parrot would leave some “gold” on his hand, bringing good luck.

GTV said that initially, the celebration was going to be held on Tuesday and when they informed Jerry, he did not have time to attend. Later, when the date changed to Thursday, they did not inform him. Jerry’s manager expressed, “GTV probably thought that our schedule is very busy lately, so did not especially inform us, however Jerry is very happy with the ratings of the first episode.”

Wu Zun, also could not attend the celebration as he is currently in Korea promoting “Romantic Princess”. However, Show especially phoned him to share the good news. Although Wu Zun could not personally come to celebrate with them, when he heard the good news, he was also very excited.

In the drama, there are many sad scenes. Female Lead Zhou Cai Shi said that she admires Show’s crying skills, saying that he is male version of Liu Xue Hua. She said that Show can cry whenever he wants to, very easily, and can cry with just one eye. Show replied proudly, “When I am filming crying scene, I just need to think of the plot in which I’m acting, and I can very quickly put myself into the situation." When asked who is the hottest of the 3 guys, Show replied, “Jerry is the serious kind of hot, Wu Zun is white and hot, while I am black and hot.”

“Hot Shot” will air episode one again on Sunday at 8pm, and then episode 2 will follow after that. Fans should be happy that they can see 2 episodes in one night!

I still haven't watched the first episode of Hot Shot yet! But I will soon! Show is always the funny one! "serious kind of hot....white and and hot"....HAHAHA!

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