August 17, 2008

G for Gold

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ABCDEFG! Gold! Badminton! China! OMA! Too happy to type correctly! Hahaha! Men's single match for gold medal! It was China's Lin Dan versus Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei! Lin Dan won the first set with 21-12 and then the second set 21-8 to grab the gold medal!

Lin Dan got a bye in the first round so he automatically qualified for round 2 where he went up against Hong Kong's Ng Wei. Ng Wei put a good fight and but still lost to the quick Lin Dan! The first set was 21-16 and the second set was 21-13! Lin Dan is so fast! His reaction is really quick too! A really good player!

Lin Dan advances to the third round and plays against Korea's Park Sungwan. The first set went to Lin Dan 21-8 and then second set 21-11 went to Lin Dan again! This guy hasn't lost a single match yet!

Super Dan advances to the next round to face Denmark's Peter Gade! Again, only two sets were played and both were won by Super Dan. First set 21-13 and the second set 21-16! Now Super Dan moves into the semi final!

In the semi final, Lin Dan goes up against fellow countryman, Jin Chen! Jin Chen put up another good fight but still lost to Super Dan! 21-12 and 21-18! He was close in the second set to beating Super Dan! But Super Dan is too powerful for Jin Chen!

Super Dan in the finals with Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei! His greatest opponent who beat him in badminton last year somewhere. However, in this final match, Super Dan easily defeats Lee Chong Wei in just two sets again! 21-12 and 21-8! Super Dan gets gold!!!!!

Hahaha! After Super Dan wins, he threw his shoes into the crowd! HAHAHAAA! He's so happy, he got a little crazy!

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