August 16, 2008

The Final Step in Best Selling Secret

08.07.08 marked the official end of my dinner time show, Best Selling Secret. –Sniff Sniff- I will miss you a lot! Best Selling Secret! Whooo! It was definitely an enjoyable sitcom even though Esther was MIA(missing in action) for half the show! The ending was definitely my cup of tea! Not too sweet, not too bitter, just right! EXCEPT for one small thing that I disliked. It has something to do with hair….I’ll expose it later! Hehe

A short ‘WASSUP’ of the last two chapters

Queenie had gone up to Bei Jing to get Yung back, however, Yung was nowhere to be found. Instead she got scolded by Chun for not using her heart to treat Yung! Feeling depressed and all, she returned to Hong Kong and at the airport she saw Yung! Yung, like Queenie, had traveled back to Hong Kong to look for Queenie. And so once they saw each other, they ran to each other and “exploded” in the elevator! Ah Jit who was leaving for America happened to enter that elevator with his short buddy, Lau Wah, and Grandma. And boy were they in for a big surprise! Hahaha!

Two Years Later in 2010

Tian Zai Shan constantly experimented with cooking and won the “Chef God” award!

She dated twenty guys in two years time and unfortunately all twenty dates failed to bloom successfully. Candy now works at a wedding shop as a love advisor of sorts.

She’s getting married! Congrats! She now has control over another wallet!

He is proof that life is full of surprises! Who knew that this office clown would one day become a lawyer!

Looks like Lady Tam has become Mrs. Tam. She’s married to Philip, the rich dude who use to be a player. Other than her appearance, she hasn’t change at all.

First Brother’s wife is three months pregnant! Congrats Congrats!

Oh man! This was hilarious! Only two years passed by, and this shorty looks really old! He grew a mustache AND a couple of inches with the help of some high heels! He’s married to Pearl Pearl now!

Ah Yung and Queenie are married and have two babies! Queenie has changed into a housewife! BUT you should still be careful because she still hasn’t gotten rid of her suing syndrome! She will threaten to sue you if you get on her bad side! Hehehe! And Ah Yung finally broke out of his old fashioned checkered vests!

Big Boss and Granny are together…not much to say about them…

His hair! What the hell happened to his hair! He went Bosco style! AHHH~

Vincent and Ka Lam are now married! Esther did not appear in the last episode…sniff sniff…

The Golden Couple

After 10 years, 300ish episodes, and 2 more years, they finally get together again! Kau Chun proposes to Diana and they marry! The End!

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