August 24, 2008

Contract Lover Movie

Richie sang this in the comedy movie, Contract Lover! This movie is sooo funny; it's going to make your stomach hurt! Watch what happens when a modern lady meets a very traditional martial arts family! Here's a better synopsis!

Richie Ren - The main character who wants his family to accept his westernized girlfriend.
Fan Bing Bing - Richie's temp girlfriend
Kate Tsui - Richie's real lawyer girlfriend

Contract Lover With English Subs!

Part 1
- Chinese Traditional Exercise VS Western Tennis
- Richie and Bing Bing making weird noises...ahem...

Part 2
- Bing Bing teaches Richie's Mom to be a sexy lady!
- Bing Bing teaches Richie's Sister Pole Dancing!
- Martial Art artistes practice pole dancing! HAHAHAAAA!

Part 3
- White Guy takes on Chinese Martial Artist and wins by a spit!
- Awkward Triangle Singing...

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