August 06, 2008

Calvin got enlisted for 12 days and had a haircut

On August 8th, Fahrenheit will be having a show and press conference in HK and the situation will likely be "three lacking one", because Calvin won't be present since he will be undergoing military service. Yesterday, as early as 9 o'clock in the morning, Calvin went straight to I-Lan for his 12-day service and he accomplished his registration without getting noticed much. The day before Calvin goes to serve the military, Fahrenheit's three other members prepared/did something funny and special before sending him off. DaDong, who worked as a hairstylist before, was the one who took the razor away and shaved Calvin's hair off while Wu Zun had the honor of doing the 'first 'cut'. Calvin was complimented and was told that he looked younger. He forced a smile and said, "It's really short! I will need time to get used to this".

Source: Baidu
Article credit to chamomaile, posted in AF
Pics credit to Chinatimes and UDN, posted in AF
Fahrenheit Global Fanclub

OooO, I like his new haircut! It gives him a martial arts sort of feel...And don't worry, girls, he'll be back after 12 days! It's only 12 days...

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