August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008

I had said that I wasn't going to watch the Olympics BUT the opening ceremony was so beautiful that I just got absorbed into this Olympics stuff! But seriously, no joke, the opening ceremony was well coordinated and just amazing! The performers stood in perfect circles, perfect lines, perfect everything! Almost everything was human-made! The moving blocks were operated by people, it was no computer doing that, it was people who spent three years practicing! Practice makes perfect! And dang, that torch lighting was sooo coool! The guy flew into the air and ran around the stadium to the torch! I'm proud of you, China! Whooo!

Here's an update on the metals
US - 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze
China - 6 Gold, 2 Silver

China is really "Aiming for the Gold"!

Here's the torch lighting ceremony:

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