July 28, 2008

N for Nature

So I just got back from my awesome camping trip and I miss nature already! The camp place is called Black Rock Forest and its a totally cool place to stay at. A lot of scientists go there to do research on the environment and some of the animals that live there. There's a modern day lodge, a science building, and solar panels in the forest! (along with bears, coyotes, spiders, snake, deers, and wasps..and FLIES!)

Those are the solar panels in the back.

There's the science building and the building on the very right is our lodge! By the way, most of the electricity used to power these two buildings are generated by solar panels alone! Now that's living green!

This is my room which I share with 4 other people! Back to the good old days bunk bed! The top bed is mine!

My room number is the Cedar room! Each room has its own unique name! There's a Hemlock room, Cedar Room, and some other rooms..

Thats the water fountain made from a huge rock! I want one of those in my house too! It's just so cool! This lodge is neat!

O.M.A. this is the weirdest and most "green" toilet I've ever encountered. (green as in good for the environment) It's called a composting toilet. The first thing our tour guide showed us was their toilet system! It's really cool. All your waste falls down this dark hole into a big black box where it decomposes. The black box is in the basement of the lodge and surprisingly it doesn't stink down there because there's this fan inside the box that sucks air thru the toilet. So as your sitting on the toilet, you will feel air being sucked down the hole...hahaha

This is the shower! 5 minute showers to save water!

Here's Nature! This is one of the turtle ponds where we set turtle traps to study turtles! I got my chance to set up one of the traps too..and dang I'm not going to do that again because the it's very hard to walk around in the water...there's lots of mud and I kept sinking..

This is a female turtle. It probably weighs ~300 grams...It's bigggg!

There's a good reason why that sign is there...there are bears

I had planned to get up at 5:00 to watch the sunrise..but I was too sleepy. So instead, I woke up a bit later and went to the lake, which is a 8 minute walk from the lodge, and took this picture!

We went hiking through a very narrow and dangerous trail but we got to see this awesome view! That's a town in the background. It's about 70 miles away!

Dang! Look how steep the trail is! Lucky me, I am safe and sound.

The lake is right behind this hill!

The turtle pond again~

And the turtle pond again!

Nature is beautiful!


  1. Those are some very nice pics :)
    Hey can ppl "accidentally" fall thru the toilet? What will happen then?

  2. i guess...the hole is big enough for a person fall thru...i think it'll be quite painful because at the end of the hole (before it reaches the black box)is a big spinning fan...