July 16, 2008

More Hot Shot

Hot Shot Breaks Record of Taiwanese Idol Dramas

At the moment it seems hard to get all three of the stars of Taiwan idol drama “Hot Shot,” Show Lo, Jerry Yan, and Chun Wu together, so the television station put an emphasis in merchandise, using $3 million NTD to design 40+ merchandise products, becoming the Taiwanese drama with the most merchandising in the history of idol dramas. Besides photos and video games(?), there are also all types of stationary, key chains, digital photo frames, and what they believe will be the best-selling, the bolster. The television station says that the price of the bolster has yet to be set, but they will probably auction if off in limited editions.

The television station had originally wanted to release bed sheets with the 3 main characters imprinted on them. But afterwards, the management of the three guys heard screaming from the fans, so they decided to release bolsters instead. A staff members said, “Being able to hug their idol to sleep, fans would probably be satisfied enough.”

“Hot Shot” is soon to air, and ever since the drama started filming, there has been tons of news from the media about the three’s fighting over being the main character, and now Jerry Yan is unable to attend the “Hot Shot” premiere, with clamor from netizens. “Yan-huggers” are complaining about how the television station is maltreating Jerry, “When the drama was first filmed, they should have known that he was going to go on promotions that fit into his schedule, so they shouldn’t say that he’s being uncompromising.” “Pig-huggers” are all extremely excited for Show’s magnificent performance, complimenting him about how he’s handsome and eye-catching.

Source: QianLong
Translated by o_ost1nao_o @ Show Lo's International English Forum

WOW! 40+ Merchandise products! I want some! I want some! I want some! Awww, they're not making the blankie anymore! The one with all three of 'em on it! That sucks! Actually I want blankie with Fahrenheit on it! (Or maybe just Arron on it...hahaha)

Yan-Huggers = Jerry Yan's Fans
Pig-Huggers = Show Luo's Fans
so Wu Chun's Fans = ?Food-Huggers?

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