July 29, 2008

The Future is Near

Today I login to my old email account and found 6000 junk mail waiting for me! As I was deleting the junk mail, I came across a mail that I wrote to myself a year ago. A year and a few weeks ago, Kiwi wrote a short letter for me and we decided to have the letter sent to my email address a year later! Hahahaaaa! It's really fun to read letters that you write to yourself from the past! Here go try it out! It's free!

And here's my letter:

Dear FutureMe, i'm at -------- house right now, lmao. We're studying for the Math B regents for tomoro :D Note To Self: Virtues of Harmony 2 is the best show on Earth! (ps. I'm a loser :D) ok see you in one year! ahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahh

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