July 13, 2008

Chun & Calvin Interview

This is part two of the interview from the previous post.

Girl Host: I want to ask the both of you. I heard that it takes two hours to do your hair. Is that true? Are you vain?

Calvin: No, it's not true! It's two hours for four of us.

Guy Host: Chun, here has a fitness center which is called Fitness Zone and 80% of his staff are Philippines.

Chun: Yea, that's right.

Guy Host: Do you learn some words in (Philippine language)?

Chun: (He said some words...i bet they're related to food!)

Girl Host: How do you feel now that you're being treated as super stars in Philippines?

Calvin: We didn't know that before we come yesterday because it's the first time we work in Philippines so we don't know how many supporters there will be.

Guy Host: Well, you have a lot.

Chun: Actually, before we landed on the airport, right, we are very nervous because it's our first time.

Girl Host: You tried the seafood here in Philippines.

Chun: Adobo! There's a dish called Adobo, right? Because, uh, they always cook in the gym, chicken adobo. It's very nice! With steam rice! yea, very good.

Guy Host: Chun, Calvin, you have seen lots of movie stars in the country. Did you find anyone really big?

Calvin: Wow, so many!

Guy Host: Do you remember the names?

...somehow...the conversation became a promotion for Hot Shot.

Guy Host: How many girlfriends have you had in your life?

Chun: Uh, not many. Not many. Only a few.

Guy Host: Calvin, how many girlfriends have you have?

Calvin: Uh, four.

Girl Host: What do you look for in a woman? You know, chinky eyes? Big eyes? Tall or short?

Calvin: There's no certain type for me. It's the feeling and the willing to share. (Ladies! It's a free for all!)

Girl host: Did you have a Philippine girlfriend?

Chun: Uh, not yet.

Fan Question: How are you and Ella going on? What is your relationship with Ella?

Chun: A very food friend. She's not my girlfriend. In the drama, Hana Kimi, she's my girlfriend, but in real life she's our...we belong to the same company.

Guy Host: Are you coming back to do a concert?

Chun: Hopefully.

Calvin: Yea, we going to Malaysia and Singapore for sure but now after this time, we will talk with our company to consider this place.

Girl Host: And please invite everyone to watch the last two weeks of Romantic Princess.

Chun: Yeahhhh, because I think it's quite nice and then it's a very nice story. So everyone, watch Romantic Princess.

Calvin: Something happen in the drama might happen your daily life. It's not just about love, it's about friendship, family, and the courage to pursue your dream. So stay tune, keep on watching Romantic Princess.

Guy Host: I want to tell the both of you! Thank you very much. You've been very kind and very nice for dropping by here and you're making a lot of Philippines happy. Go ahead Chun, you want to say something?

Chun: I look like Philippino. Chicken Adobo!

AHHH~funny Chun! He's always thinking about food even after the interview! hahaha! And was Ella Chun's girlfriend in Hana Kimi? I don't think that was in the drama although they kinda were in the MVs....

P.S. I really Chun's hair! ^_^

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