July 13, 2008

1/2 Fahrenheit in Philippines

The interview starts at 4:00.

Girl Host: Nice to meet you. I wish I could speak Taiwanese. You both are very handsome. You know you have all these fans, all these women, screaming for you, and I'm sure you're used to that all over Asia and all over the world.

Guy Host: Have you gotten use to all the screaming fans? All around Asia?

Chun: But I think Philippine is....uh...louder!

Calvin: So many warm welcome from you. Thank you!

Guy Host: How long have you been here? Two days? Three days?

Chun: Uh, three days.

Guy Host: How has it been so far?

Chun: Uh, great!

Guy Host: What is the best thing?

Chun: The best thing is to meet everyone. It is my first time here.

Guy Host: You have seen the Philippine girls. Are they pretty?

Chun: Wooooh...they are really...um...they are really cute and...(screaming girls). See, you see the scream which is a good thing..yeah...

Girl Host: I want to ask. Do both of you have girlfriends?

Chun: No! We answer many times already.

Calvin: We are too busy with work.

Guy Host: You don't have girlfriends right now? But you belong to a band called Fahrenheit. If you were to dedicate a song to your Philippine fans? What song would that be?

Calvin: Just like this one, Heart Nest.

Guy Host: Can you sing just one or two lines?

-They sing-

Girl Host: What does this song mean to you?

Calvin: That means you guys live in our heart. So let's make a heart nest together.

Wow! Calvin's English is not bad. Chun is stuttering a lot tho.

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