June 12, 2008

Sword Butterfly almost finish filming-- Wu Zun and Charlene talking about food, way too excited

credit: http://news.ccwb.net

Sword Butterfly is almost finish filming. On June 11, the crew and cast gather in Beijing to hold a press conference to talk about their progess in the past two months, etc.

Sword Butterfly previously known as Butterfly Lovers, first got attention because it was based after the Butterfly Lovers' tale. However, ah Sa and Wu Zun are protraying the next lives of the butterfly lovers. This life they are masters of the martial art world, and will have weapons for fighting.

Charlene and Wu Zun both very excited about food

This was Wu Zun's first film. He said that when he first heard that Charlene have made over 30 films his legs were weak; he was amazed. He said it was his first time filming and already working with such amazing actors/actresses and director/crew, he learned a lot, and had a lot of fun! Talking about Charlene's acting as a boy, he said he really like her look as a boy.

Charlene said that making this film is one of her most happiest one. She said Wu Zun is very handsome and very glad to work with him. She said that Wu Zun is very hard working, having little Ngs, and when he have free time he would practice and memorize the scripts and movements. The best part of working is eating out with the crew. Although, she said he is more quiet than some people, when it comes to Food, Wu Zun is very excited. She said he would yell really loud, "Let's eat," "The food are coming!"

Working together they have grew close together -- Wu Zun gave Charlene a big onion.

During the press conference they played some games. One was exchanging fruit between the cast. Wu Zun gave Charlene an onion, and immediately Charlene said, "of all things, I don't like onion the most ahhhh!" Then Wu Zun explain, "Everytime looking at the onion it reminds me of you, working with you (seeing her portray her character) it made feel really touch, and cry (bring out his own acting)." Charlene gave Wu Zun a melon, she said, "I hope you will remember our sweet moments while filming like the melon, also your life will always be like the melon full of sweet moments!" This shows that they both have grown very happy and used to each other.

Yes! It's almost done which means we'll get to watch it soon!!! Hahaha! Wu Chun....and food! Every time I see him in the newspaper, he's always with Mr. Food! Hmm, come to think of it, it would be nice to have a "Wu Chun recording thingy". Every night when dinner is ready, instead of going everywhere to announce dinner is ready, we'll have Wu Chun shout it every night! "Let's eat. Dinner is ready!" Hahahaha!

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