June 24, 2008

High School Student

It's 8:00 and it will be the last 8:00pm when I can still consider myself a high school student. After tomorrow night, I'll be stepping into the "big people's world" and leaving the "little people's world".

It's really been 4 years. Starting as a freshman, then advancing to a sophomore, evolving to a junior, and finally becoming a senior. It's like pokemon with four stages of evolution. Hahaha! And after 4 years here, there's one teacher that I really really want to thank even though she's way too scary to approach. This teacher is infamous for her stares of death! She uses "fear" to teach her students and it really works. All the information is like drilled into my head! This teacher would call on students randomly to answer analytical/fact-based questions. And I learned that if you look up when she's searching for a prey, then you'll get called on. So the only way out is to stare down at your notebook and pretend that you're copying notes. And if you do become the prey, then she'll attack you with her stares of death and you'll probably forget the answer to the question and then she'll attack you with McDonalds! "You'll be flipping hamburgers at McDonalds!"

At this point, I'm feeling really happy, somewhat sad, a tad nervous, and a bit dreadful. It's obvious why I'm happy. Four years of hard work all drilled down for this very special day called Graduation. Sad? Of course! Afterall, I'm leaving a place where I spent my last four years at. There's feelings and memories attached to that place! Nervous? Yes, because Graduation is a special ceremony and I don't want to mess up and bring others down. Dreadful? Hellya! I'll be standing there waiting for some 600 other fellow students to walk to the spotlight!

I guess this will be the last time I'm posting as a high school student.

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  1. Awww, what an insightful post. I love it :]