June 27, 2008

Graduation Night

Congrats to all graduates in the class of 08! Graduation night was awesome! We did so many extemporaneous gags.

-Every time our principal, Mr. Randy Asher, came to the podium, graduates on the left side of the auditorium would start a wave and everyone else would join in! We did that so much, I forgot how many waves we conducted.

-Also, there was one point during that night, when the speaker left the stage to get something, and then we started singing
Vitamin C's Friends Forever. But that was a failure, because we only sang one verse and then we just stopped. Then the people in front of me tried to get everyone to sing Backstreet Boy's I Want it That Way. Hahaha! Fun Fun Fun!

-After all the graduates were at the seats, we had to sing the national anthem. The people in front of me held up their carnation and swayed it to the beat of the anthem and soon after everyone else followed along!

-I figured that my graduating class really likes to chant. Every time a graduate from a particular major got an award, that major would start chanting. My major knew that one of our own was getting an award and we decided to stand and shout "
CompSci" when they called that person's name! Hahaha! COMPSCI 08!

-Towards the end of the ceremony, we threw up our carnations instead of hats because the school was afraid that the hat could poke someone's eye. That scene was
beautiful! Too bad I didn't have my camera ready at that time! It would have been an awesome picture! Also, when we threw up our carnations, people at the upper balcony threw down shredded paper! There's was a lot of shredded paper...I feel sorry for the people who have to clean up the mess...Hahaha!

That was pretty much a fun night! I will definitely miss the people in this school and the school itself. No more walking up 8 flights of stairs for gym. No more carrying around a heavy gym lock. No more seeing my gym buddies! No more sitting in a stuffy room!

"Life is mad sad! " - Strawberry

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