June 17, 2008

Chun in Kiwi Energy Party , Shows admiration for girls with inner beauty

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translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and Sina News
original source : http://ent.sina.com.cn/s/h/2008-06-16/23572062862.shtml

On the afternoon of June16th, Wu Chun, member of the idol group Fahrenheit, attended the “Zespri Kiwi Energy Party” in Beijing and attracted numerous fans to the event. At the event, Wu Chun demonstrated the “Kiwi Energy Exercise”, showed off his basketball skills and being questioned about the criteria for choosing a wife. He was dripping with sweat afterwards.

During the event, Wu Chun was escorted in by a gold-colored and a green-colored Kiwi doll as he suavely entered the stage. As a fitness instructor before he entered into the business, Wu Chun has some fairly professional opinions on how to maintain energetic and healthy. He even demonstrated some exercises on the spot. When asked about his criteria for choosing a wife, Wu Chun indicated that he admires girls with inner beauty. Although he is not getting any younger, luckily his family did not pressure him much so that he can look for his other half patiently.

Because he just finished filming the movie “Butterfly Lovers”, when asked about his work schedules, Wu Chun indicated that he is in the midst of preparing for the Fahrenheit concert tour and most likely will not have any time to film any TV drama this year. When asked if he has any plans to go solo, Wu Chun shook his head and said that there is more strength in the four of them together.

ooo I want to learn the kiwi energy exercise. I'm guessing that this exercise has something to do with eating. Hmmm, maybe it's walking around eating kiwi. That takes care of the "kiwi" and the "exercise". Now as for the "energy", hmmm, eating kiwi will give you energy! So that's why its called the kiwi energy exercise!

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