June 08, 2008

Traveling to the End

320 episodes out already and just 44 more left. The first episode came out a little more than a year ago and the ratings so far have been pretty stable hovering at the 26-29 point area. Initially, I was watching this sitcom for Esther Kwan but who knew in the end, the rest of the cast and the script got me addicted to this sitcom. So even after Esther left the show, I continued to watch. I like this sitcom because it doesn't only focus on the main characters! Even the side characters play an important role in this show.

Lately, these last recent episodes, the characters are pairing up and one couple is falling apart. For one, Diana the "demon" finally gets together with her ex-personal assistant. It took them 297 episodes and 10 years! I've been rooting for this couple since Kau Chun's one-sided affection was revealed.

A couple of episodes later, Queenie and "Useless" aka David Mo, suddenly get together too. But "Useless" felt that she was too "in control" of their relationship and ran away...

The next couple formed recently was Doris the ultimate secretary and Cheung Gor the ultimate cook. They are the usual bickering couple turned affectionate lovers.

And now the pair that has recently separated due to numerous understandings in one episode is Marco and Lulu.

44 episodes means 44 more days of Best Selling Secrets and that is around 9 more weeks. Woo! Hopefully, the ending won't be a rushed ending and perhaps Esther might show up in the last episode!

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