June 17, 2008

Arron With Mei Mei, Kissing, Taking Off Pants, Playing Non-Stop

Arron Yan raises a toy poodle which follows him everyday, and looks like a couple with Arron.

Arron Yan has a new companion "MeiMei", which follows Arron all day long, including when they are sleeping, showering, or washing up, and they even play kissing. Sometimes when MeiMei gets excited, she'll try to take Arron'spants off. Arron does not get angry at MeiMei's actions, but thinks that it is cute. Actually, this MeiMei is a toy poodle that he has raised for eight months.

However, boys rarely choose to raise toy poodles, and name such a sissy name as "MeiMei", Arron laughs, "This was for my mom to play with. We didn't know what to name it, and called it 'MeiMei' first, and later on it became a habit."

MeiMei likes to nestle near Arron, just like a girlfriend. Arron says, "When I wake up in the morning to brush my teeth, MeiMei will follow me and grab my pants, sometimes she grabs the whole pants off." Arron has a new haircut for his new drama serial, "Tao Hua Ai Wu Di", and everyone says that the color is similar to MeiMei's fur, as if they were a couple.

Arron said that when he first bought MeiMei she was very weak and got sick easily, and she was so small that you could fit her into a biscuit box. After feeding her medicine daily, she grew to be healthy, and their relationship has deepened. Right after saying that, MeiMei saw the doggie treats someone else was holding, and left Arron to search for food, causing Arron to reprimand her, half angry and half laughing, "Once you come out you become wilder!!"

Credits to xiaoyibube of BeBu's Forum

Toy poodle? Why is it a toy poodle? It looks like a real live poodle to me. Hahahaha! Ah~that poodle...tried to take Arron's pants off...HAHAHAHAHAHAAA! All this dog talk reminds me of Jack from TSD.

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