June 27, 2008

Graduation Night

Congrats to all graduates in the class of 08! Graduation night was awesome! We did so many extemporaneous gags.

-Every time our principal, Mr. Randy Asher, came to the podium, graduates on the left side of the auditorium would start a wave and everyone else would join in! We did that so much, I forgot how many waves we conducted.

-Also, there was one point during that night, when the speaker left the stage to get something, and then we started singing
Vitamin C's Friends Forever. But that was a failure, because we only sang one verse and then we just stopped. Then the people in front of me tried to get everyone to sing Backstreet Boy's I Want it That Way. Hahaha! Fun Fun Fun!

-After all the graduates were at the seats, we had to sing the national anthem. The people in front of me held up their carnation and swayed it to the beat of the anthem and soon after everyone else followed along!

-I figured that my graduating class really likes to chant. Every time a graduate from a particular major got an award, that major would start chanting. My major knew that one of our own was getting an award and we decided to stand and shout "
CompSci" when they called that person's name! Hahaha! COMPSCI 08!

-Towards the end of the ceremony, we threw up our carnations instead of hats because the school was afraid that the hat could poke someone's eye. That scene was
beautiful! Too bad I didn't have my camera ready at that time! It would have been an awesome picture! Also, when we threw up our carnations, people at the upper balcony threw down shredded paper! There's was a lot of shredded paper...I feel sorry for the people who have to clean up the mess...Hahaha!

That was pretty much a fun night! I will definitely miss the people in this school and the school itself. No more walking up 8 flights of stairs for gym. No more carrying around a heavy gym lock. No more seeing my gym buddies! No more sitting in a stuffy room!

"Life is mad sad! " - Strawberry

June 24, 2008

High School Student

It's 8:00 and it will be the last 8:00pm when I can still consider myself a high school student. After tomorrow night, I'll be stepping into the "big people's world" and leaving the "little people's world".

It's really been 4 years. Starting as a freshman, then advancing to a sophomore, evolving to a junior, and finally becoming a senior. It's like pokemon with four stages of evolution. Hahaha! And after 4 years here, there's one teacher that I really really want to thank even though she's way too scary to approach. This teacher is infamous for her stares of death! She uses "fear" to teach her students and it really works. All the information is like drilled into my head! This teacher would call on students randomly to answer analytical/fact-based questions. And I learned that if you look up when she's searching for a prey, then you'll get called on. So the only way out is to stare down at your notebook and pretend that you're copying notes. And if you do become the prey, then she'll attack you with her stares of death and you'll probably forget the answer to the question and then she'll attack you with McDonalds! "You'll be flipping hamburgers at McDonalds!"

At this point, I'm feeling really happy, somewhat sad, a tad nervous, and a bit dreadful. It's obvious why I'm happy. Four years of hard work all drilled down for this very special day called Graduation. Sad? Of course! Afterall, I'm leaving a place where I spent my last four years at. There's feelings and memories attached to that place! Nervous? Yes, because Graduation is a special ceremony and I don't want to mess up and bring others down. Dreadful? Hellya! I'll be standing there waiting for some 600 other fellow students to walk to the spotlight!

I guess this will be the last time I'm posting as a high school student.

June 17, 2008

Arron With Mei Mei, Kissing, Taking Off Pants, Playing Non-Stop

Arron Yan raises a toy poodle which follows him everyday, and looks like a couple with Arron.

Arron Yan has a new companion "MeiMei", which follows Arron all day long, including when they are sleeping, showering, or washing up, and they even play kissing. Sometimes when MeiMei gets excited, she'll try to take Arron'spants off. Arron does not get angry at MeiMei's actions, but thinks that it is cute. Actually, this MeiMei is a toy poodle that he has raised for eight months.

However, boys rarely choose to raise toy poodles, and name such a sissy name as "MeiMei", Arron laughs, "This was for my mom to play with. We didn't know what to name it, and called it 'MeiMei' first, and later on it became a habit."

MeiMei likes to nestle near Arron, just like a girlfriend. Arron says, "When I wake up in the morning to brush my teeth, MeiMei will follow me and grab my pants, sometimes she grabs the whole pants off." Arron has a new haircut for his new drama serial, "Tao Hua Ai Wu Di", and everyone says that the color is similar to MeiMei's fur, as if they were a couple.

Arron said that when he first bought MeiMei she was very weak and got sick easily, and she was so small that you could fit her into a biscuit box. After feeding her medicine daily, she grew to be healthy, and their relationship has deepened. Right after saying that, MeiMei saw the doggie treats someone else was holding, and left Arron to search for food, causing Arron to reprimand her, half angry and half laughing, "Once you come out you become wilder!!"

Credits to xiaoyibube of BeBu's Forum

Toy poodle? Why is it a toy poodle? It looks like a real live poodle to me. Hahahaha! Ah~that poodle...tried to take Arron's pants off...HAHAHAHAHAHAAA! All this dog talk reminds me of Jack from TSD.

Chun in Kiwi Energy Party , Shows admiration for girls with inner beauty

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article(including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and Sina News
original source : http://ent.sina.com.cn/s/h/2008-06-16/23572062862.shtml

On the afternoon of June16th, Wu Chun, member of the idol group Fahrenheit, attended the “Zespri Kiwi Energy Party” in Beijing and attracted numerous fans to the event. At the event, Wu Chun demonstrated the “Kiwi Energy Exercise”, showed off his basketball skills and being questioned about the criteria for choosing a wife. He was dripping with sweat afterwards.

During the event, Wu Chun was escorted in by a gold-colored and a green-colored Kiwi doll as he suavely entered the stage. As a fitness instructor before he entered into the business, Wu Chun has some fairly professional opinions on how to maintain energetic and healthy. He even demonstrated some exercises on the spot. When asked about his criteria for choosing a wife, Wu Chun indicated that he admires girls with inner beauty. Although he is not getting any younger, luckily his family did not pressure him much so that he can look for his other half patiently.

Because he just finished filming the movie “Butterfly Lovers”, when asked about his work schedules, Wu Chun indicated that he is in the midst of preparing for the Fahrenheit concert tour and most likely will not have any time to film any TV drama this year. When asked if he has any plans to go solo, Wu Chun shook his head and said that there is more strength in the four of them together.

ooo I want to learn the kiwi energy exercise. I'm guessing that this exercise has something to do with eating. Hmmm, maybe it's walking around eating kiwi. That takes care of the "kiwi" and the "exercise". Now as for the "energy", hmmm, eating kiwi will give you energy! So that's why its called the kiwi energy exercise!

June 12, 2008

Sword Butterfly almost finish filming-- Wu Zun and Charlene talking about food, way too excited

credit: http://news.ccwb.net

Sword Butterfly is almost finish filming. On June 11, the crew and cast gather in Beijing to hold a press conference to talk about their progess in the past two months, etc.

Sword Butterfly previously known as Butterfly Lovers, first got attention because it was based after the Butterfly Lovers' tale. However, ah Sa and Wu Zun are protraying the next lives of the butterfly lovers. This life they are masters of the martial art world, and will have weapons for fighting.

Charlene and Wu Zun both very excited about food

This was Wu Zun's first film. He said that when he first heard that Charlene have made over 30 films his legs were weak; he was amazed. He said it was his first time filming and already working with such amazing actors/actresses and director/crew, he learned a lot, and had a lot of fun! Talking about Charlene's acting as a boy, he said he really like her look as a boy.

Charlene said that making this film is one of her most happiest one. She said Wu Zun is very handsome and very glad to work with him. She said that Wu Zun is very hard working, having little Ngs, and when he have free time he would practice and memorize the scripts and movements. The best part of working is eating out with the crew. Although, she said he is more quiet than some people, when it comes to Food, Wu Zun is very excited. She said he would yell really loud, "Let's eat," "The food are coming!"

Working together they have grew close together -- Wu Zun gave Charlene a big onion.

During the press conference they played some games. One was exchanging fruit between the cast. Wu Zun gave Charlene an onion, and immediately Charlene said, "of all things, I don't like onion the most ahhhh!" Then Wu Zun explain, "Everytime looking at the onion it reminds me of you, working with you (seeing her portray her character) it made feel really touch, and cry (bring out his own acting)." Charlene gave Wu Zun a melon, she said, "I hope you will remember our sweet moments while filming like the melon, also your life will always be like the melon full of sweet moments!" This shows that they both have grown very happy and used to each other.

Yes! It's almost done which means we'll get to watch it soon!!! Hahaha! Wu Chun....and food! Every time I see him in the newspaper, he's always with Mr. Food! Hmm, come to think of it, it would be nice to have a "Wu Chun recording thingy". Every night when dinner is ready, instead of going everywhere to announce dinner is ready, we'll have Wu Chun shout it every night! "Let's eat. Dinner is ready!" Hahahaha!

June 08, 2008

Traveling to the End

320 episodes out already and just 44 more left. The first episode came out a little more than a year ago and the ratings so far have been pretty stable hovering at the 26-29 point area. Initially, I was watching this sitcom for Esther Kwan but who knew in the end, the rest of the cast and the script got me addicted to this sitcom. So even after Esther left the show, I continued to watch. I like this sitcom because it doesn't only focus on the main characters! Even the side characters play an important role in this show.

Lately, these last recent episodes, the characters are pairing up and one couple is falling apart. For one, Diana the "demon" finally gets together with her ex-personal assistant. It took them 297 episodes and 10 years! I've been rooting for this couple since Kau Chun's one-sided affection was revealed.

A couple of episodes later, Queenie and "Useless" aka David Mo, suddenly get together too. But "Useless" felt that she was too "in control" of their relationship and ran away...

The next couple formed recently was Doris the ultimate secretary and Cheung Gor the ultimate cook. They are the usual bickering couple turned affectionate lovers.

And now the pair that has recently separated due to numerous understandings in one episode is Marco and Lulu.

44 episodes means 44 more days of Best Selling Secrets and that is around 9 more weeks. Woo! Hopefully, the ending won't be a rushed ending and perhaps Esther might show up in the last episode!

June 06, 2008

Drunk GuiGui sticks to Arron, Hugs each other on the streets

Translated by xchordsoflove- @ http://asianfanatics.net

Drunk GuiGui sticks to Arron, Hugs each other on the streets.

Is it spitting out words from the heart after drinking, or just random words after getting drunk? Hei Se Hui Mei Mei's GuiGui confessed to XiaoGui during the Sha qing Dinner party. Yesterday, it was also said that GuiGui got drunk and lost control of herself, therefore unable to walk properly and fell into Arron Yan's arms. Both ended up hugging closely on the streets.

The bubbly and cute Guigui is very well liked by everyone. Arron Yan, Xiao Gui and Lu Ting Wei are all her 'good brothers'. It was said that she was rejected by XiaoGui after confessing to him during the dinner party. Yesterday, GuiGui denied that she confessed. Surprisingly, another information said that she was drunk that night and fell onto Arron Yan.

GuiGui informed the media through her manager that she did ended up drunk after a few glasses, but was okay again after vomiting in the toilet. The news saying that she was seen 'falling onto Arron' should be seen when she was playing around with him. The cast and crews usually play with each other very closely, therefore it is very normal and common for them to do so.

WTH is going on here...

June 04, 2008

I'm Alive

Heyos! I'm still alive. I just got attacked by "laziness" these past few days. So much things have happened these past days. On Memorial Day, I went fishing with Kiwi and caught a medium sized blue fish. My dad chopped it up and fried it. And today, I got my yearbook! YAY! Hehe! Now something, drama-related, I'm watching Forensic Heroes 2 now. IT'S SUCH A GOOD SHOW! Even though, Linda died...there's still Charmaine! Hehehe! The cool lady can take over the show! Wooo!