May 01, 2008

Wu Zun Hurts Palm in Sword Dance Worried about Damaging Career Line

Wu Zun and Charlene Choi will be collaborating in the movie “Sword Butterfly”, previously named “Martial Lovers”. They are currently filming in Shanghai. This is Wu Zun’s first big movie attempt and he laying himself on the line. In the movie, he is a hero with a high level of martial arts. Before filming the movie, he needed to learn his moves from the action choreographer Tony Ching (程小東). He needed a physically fit body for the moves.

Tony is known to have strict standards for fighting moves. He praised Wu Zun for his professionalism and his performance was ideal. Wu Zun was into the movie and his arms and wrists are bloodied and bruised. He has accumulated a lot of injuries. Wu Zun said: “I injured my palm and I am worried it will affect my career line. My career is very important to me!”

source: mingpoa
translations: Asian Gossip

. . . Wu Chun looks like he's about to cut himself with his sword. Oh No! Time to call out Arron! Go Arron! Stop Chun from cutting himself! Use smile attack! Mesmerize him with your smile and then whip that sword from his hand!

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