May 10, 2008

Jimmy Lin to release new EP and go on a concert tour

Credit: I_coco @ asianfanatics

After the news that Jimmy Lin is going to release his EP this year came out many distributors wanted to work with him. But his manager, Grace, said “There are 2 more songs to be recorded. We are still considering which distributor to work with. Because some of his songs already have other distributing channels we don’t rule out other distributing means.”

Jimmy formed Jimmy Creative in 1996 in Taipei to manage his own showbiz contracts. In the past few years he expanded his work to the Chinese market and opened an office in Beijing in order to facilitate contracts negotiation. All his contracts are managed by Grace. Recently, many agencies announced that he is their contracted artist and conducted business deals using his name. “These are all frauds. Jimmy never signed any contracts with other agencies. In fact, they caused us some problems in our business dealings. However, we are willing to work with other professional groups.”

The MV “Can’t Stop Me’ that was released in 2006 was created by jimmy and his director friend. This time he again is going to produce it himself. He has invited the prominent music critic 崔恕 to write the lyrics and the prominent US musician Keith to produce a tv commercial for a well-known soft drink he is endorsing. Jimmy is also recording the opening theme song of the TV series ShaoLinSi 2. “I like to get involved in the production side of my work so I can learn something new from other professionals. It helps me in my performance.” Many actors become directors. Jimmy said humbly that he’s still learning. As for his company’s future plans, it will nurture new talents and work with other production companies on a TV series about racing. Jimmy has his own way of running a business and he’s continuing to learn and following his dream.

He just finished a photo shoot at 汕头 and has returned to Taiwan for the recording. Besides his new EP he is working on a concert tour. He’s also negotiating commercial appearances and endorsements. He is looking over several TV series scripts. One of them is an idol series about the lives of foreign students in the US. It will be filmed in San Francisco. The new movie 《跳动爱情的密码》is also waiting for him to be available before it starts filming. His schedule is so full he has not a moment of free time.

ooo! an idol series in San Francisco! I wonder what role he'll play in there. Well, if he plays student, I think there's a good chance he'll pull that off because really young! And if he plays teacher, that'll be awesome too! Imagine that...having Mr. Lin as your teacher. I sure won't be late for his class! hahahaha!


  1. stay as you are Mr jimmy Lin
    hope you can release your album and film here in Philippines. . .
    im sure they can love you as much
    when they saw your talent. . .
    philippines is very supported. .
    pls pls pls. . .
    make drop here in phil.

  2. additional:

    i love you
    even if you are 34yr old
    i just cant believe'but still
    if u can drop here in phil
    i assure you. . .
    100% sisikat ka dito
    waaaaahhhhhhhhh. . .

  3. hope you're going to sydney as well. i really want to see you somehow. i looked everywhere for your music album. i really want to buy it. wish me luck

  4. good luck michelle.