May 03, 2008

Fans teamed up and present gift, Ella and Wu Zun forced by photoshop to play kissing games

Note: Please credit babyval22 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article(including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Fans teamed up and present gift, Ella Wu Zun forced by photoshop to play kissing games

Ella and Wu Zun has become the best on screen partner, collaborated again to endorse a sports drink together. Both of them also praised each other, by agreeing that their working chemistry with each other is the best so far, and their fans also hoped that the both of them would be together. When they were drinking the drink on the stage, the fans below starting chanting for a nuptial wine. Ella joked and said, "this is absurd!"

CE endorsing a sports drink together, in an event, they had a competition and Chun lost, thus being punished by doing frog jumps.

Ella said that fans were too engrossed while watching Hana Kimi, and have always been hoping that Wu Zun and her are dating. Yesterday, the bouquet of flowers that fans sent,on the card, it was addressed to "ZunHua couple" (Ella name is Chen Jia Hua), and in addition, they were given a photoshopped picture of the both of them kissing. When Wu Zun looked at it, he laughed and said, "The background is also in Brunei!" After careful comparison, she said, "This is obviously during Hebe's birthday, the picture which i kissed her mah!" causing the both of them to be unsure of whether they should laugh or cry.

Previously being reported in a gossip magazine pertaining to Chun's close relationship with a male assitant, Ella stood up for Chun and refuted, "This is too outrageous, baseless rumour!" She said that as long as you know Chun, you will know that he likes girls. But she changed ths subject and told Chun, "Please remember to draw the curtains in future when you're changing out of your clothes, otherwise the media is forever publishing that 2 very large breasts of yours." Chun immediately replied, "Normally, when i'm playing basketball, and change out of my clothes, i don't have to cover up, it doesn't matter what!" The moment Ella heard that, she laughed and said, "The Wu Zun now knows how to retort back already!"

translated by : babyval22 of CEFC forum
credits :CEFC and Chinatimes

HAHAHAA! Funny news! The legacy of Hana Kimi continues even to this day! I guess the fans really got absorbed into Hana Kimi. Chun and Ella, their rumour has been around since Hana Kimi was aired. HAHAA! These two don't seem to mind the rumours at all and they seem to be great friends! And that is exactly why I admire these two! Even though Wu Chun is my ex-favorite Frh member, he's still very admirable, handsome, hardworking, and gosh, his hair is so nice looking! BUT Arron's hair....hahahahahahaaa!

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