May 22, 2008

Catch Me Now (or Later)

"Life is tough" - Celsius
"Life is depressing" - Kiwi
"Life is mad sad" - Strawberry
"Life is not absolute" - Jack Ko

This was a great drama right from the start! Now why is that? Because it's unique! Very different from typical TVB Dramas.

1) The poster! It's really eye catching and looks very cool. I wish the rest of the "Robin Hood" team was on it too!

2) The music! It's all instrumental and it sounds kind of mysterious and adventurous.

3) "Robin Hood" Team: They are an incredible group of robin hoods! Very talented and humorous group that know the meaning of teamwork.

4) Koni Lui: For a newcomer, she's doing pretty good. Her character, Long Leg Crab, is straightforward and funny and she portrayed it well. Good job! I was hoping for her to end up with BT instead of Sharon because she and BT seem to have more chemistry I guess...

5) Damien Lau: He's great. His hair looks awesome! His house is very high tech! (better than kevin's house in TSD!haha) He's a genius! He looks great with sunglasses! He's a responsible leader because he won't dump down his team at a time where they really need him!

6) Crying Scene: The scene where BT is dying in the van and everyone around him is crying... the scene was realistic...BT's face looks super pale.

7) BT's Death: He actually got the chance to see Sharon wear his engagement ring. I thought they were going to kill him off before Sharon got there.

8) The Ending: Unpredictable! Jack got shot by a .... who was the guy? oh yea, it was a rookie cop. Basically, a nobody!

9) The Ending: Jack's lesson to the Kwong Yeung and the audience. The part where Jack talks about a strange tree and life is the key to this drama. Life is not absolute!

10) After Ending: A short POV from the Racer of the "Robin Hood" Team. He thinks that Jack is still alive even though everyone else thinks he's dead. That is big cliffhanger! I really want to know if Jack is really dead! I hope they for a sequel for this!

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