May 06, 2008

At the end of a Journey Called Life

A Journey Called Life ended on a happy note. All the bad guys get punished and all the good guys get a happy ending. I wasn't surprised nor I was too happy with the ending.

I liked the conversation at the end between Steven and Kent(Fat Boss). They were debating about life...Steven is tired of living. He's done so much good things in life but in the end, he lost so much. His sister, his niece, and his daughter. In the conclusion, he thinks that it's useless to be a good person because in the end you'll get played by "The Sky". Meanwhile, Kent(Fat Boss) refutes Steven's claim and believes that one should do what he/she needs to do and not ask for any thing in return because then you'll never be happy.

That little girl that appear out of nowhere during the marathon! Her appearance is definitely a mystery. Is she Steven's dead daughter from the future? Or is she just a girl handing out water? Or was it just Steven's imagination? Just a few words of encouragement from her caused Steven to have hope to live again! Sometimes, people just need a "push" to pull themselves together.

Linda's character Sze Ga Ga was told by her doctor that the chance of her getting pregnant is close to 0%. And then suddenly, a few episodes later, she's pregnant! Now that is what I call a miracle. Sadly, she loses that baby due to a car accident. And in the end, BAM, she's pregnant again. How is that possible?!?!?! I thought her chances of getting pregnant was suppose to be super duper low. My Conclusion? TVB did this for the happy ending. Screw the happy ending! They totally killed the meaning of a miracle! The ending could be better if they had used a narration reinforce the whole point of the series.

Overall though, I enjoyed this series. Steven and Kent's brotherly relationship is humorous and deep despite their wide age difference. They seem to get along like father and son. As for Steven and Linda, they're ok. Episode 14 was really "their" episode cuz it was the episode where they got together! WOOO! But I like their storyline in VOH2 more.

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