April 18, 2008

Linda Chung boasts that she's a fast runner

Translated by: Sammy@ http://coloursoftvb.blogspot.com + http://ronforever.com
Source: on.cc

Yesterday Linda Chung, Fala Chan and Steven Ma participated in a promotion for A Journey called life. One of the activities was to do a running race. Even though jeans and leather boots wasn’t the best choice for Linda, she still did a great job. She said “I didn’t know we had to run, and recently I have been filming for HOG II I didn’t have time to change. After entering the industry I’ve been doing a lot of exercise. I can do track and field events, basketball, volleyball and I can actually run quite fast.

Earlier on Steven Ma went to New Zealand and had many oysters. He put on 2lbs. No wonder he was saying he wanted to loose weight.

Holy Moly! She's running on BOOTS! Isn't dangerous?!?!?! But good job Linda! I love her series, A Journey Called Life! It's sooo good. I totally recommend it to people who want to watch something meaningful and comical. Fat Boss use of random English words are going to be a hit. Soon I'll be calling my friends bad girl and bad boy! HAHAHA!

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